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Nobel Prize winners meet on campus


Dr. Ciechanover and Dr. Negishi meet in WTHR.
Dr. Ciechanover and Dr. Negishi meet in WTHR.

Purdue chemistry professor Ei-ichi Negishi, this year's co-repicient of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, and Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, who shared the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2004, discuss the events surrounding Nobel Week in Stockholm following a lab tour by Professor Arun Ghosh in Wetherill Hall on November 10, 2010. Ghosh is world renowned for his demonstrated excellence in medicinal chemistry.

Ciechanover, a Distinguished Research Professor at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, was at Purdue November 10-11, 2010, delivering two lectures and meeting with Purdue faculty members and students as part of the Honeywell Nobel Laureate Lecture Series and the University's Discovery Lecture Series.

Source: Purdue University News Service

Purdue Professor, Dr. Arun Ghosh (center) shares his research with Dr. Ciechanover and Dr. Negishi in WTHR.

(Purdue University photo/Andrew Hancock).