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Undergraduate Opportunities

Congratulations to the seniors in our Undergraduate Program! Here is what's next for some in the Class of 2019:

anthony photo

Major: Chemistry ACS, Pre-med
After Purdue: Medical School
“My time at Purdue has been the best. I was a member of Professor Ramachandran’s lab group all four years here, where I was able to work on synthesizing new antibiotics. And, I studied abroad in Australia and did a medical mission trip in the Dominican Republic.”

autumn photo

Major: Chemistry
Minors: Mathematics and Spanish
After Purdue: Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Illinois
“Purdue is a great place to meet all kinds of great people and to grow as a person. I really care about helping people and making their lives better. That is why I have decided to go to graduate school to do research in drug discovery.”

ben photo

Majors: Chemistry (ACS) and Planetary Science
After Purdue: Ph.D. Materials Chemistry, Northwestern University
“Purdue has given me practical chemistry knowledge along with a nurtured passion for benchwork. I've received a first author publication, and I'm close to a second author; as well as attending and speaking at two ACS conferences. These skills will serve me well as I go on to develop unique materials and engineering solutions.”

bryan photo

Majors: Chemistry and Planetary Science
After Purdue: Ph.D. Planetary Geoscience, Stony Brook University
“Here at Purdue, I've had access to some of the top researchers in both chemistry and planetary science, and I've learned a lot about their fields and how to be a scientist from being around them.”

chrishan photo

Majors: Biochemistry and Mathematics
Minor: Economics
After Purdue: Ph.D. Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Yale University
“I care deeply about helping people. I want to do what I can to push our society forward. The best way to do that is through scientific research. I want to play a role in advancing our knowledge of the natural world and use that to make the world a little bit of a better place to live.”

christine photo

Major: Chemistry
Minors: Biology, Law and Society
After Purdue:  Law School (Intellectual Property/Patent law) Villanova University
“One of my most rewarding experiences was engaging in the new student orientation program here at Purdue. Assisting with the growth and development of fellow Purdue students, working with a group of strong leaders, and helping new students feel welcome at Purdue was an experience I will never forget.”

jiachong photo

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Philosophy
After Purdue: Ph.D. Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago
“During my four years as an undergraduate, I worked in three research labs: Dr. Shah, Dr. Mao and Dr. Li (Pharmacy.) Even though I was far away from my family, my achievements and the experience I gained at Purdue have been valuable.”

kasey photo

Major: Chemistry
After Purdue: New adventures and a challenging career in Athens, GA
“Purdue has given me unforgettable opportunities. In addition to being named a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, I was selected as the crew engineer at the Mars Desert Research Station where I spent two weeks in full simulation conducting research in order to help put humans on the Red Planet. I have experienced an endless amount of growth in academics and who I am as a person.”

keshav photo

Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biochemistry
After Purdue: Ph.D. Biochemistry, Michigan State University
“Doing research in Professor Lyon’s lab allowed me to develop the necessary lab skills needed to be a research chemist. Interacting with researchers and graduate students in the Lyon Group put a personal face on otherwise abstract topics. I will use that experience to design new medicines against the world's most challenging diseases.”

mara photo

Major: Biochemistry ACS
Minor: Classical Studies
After Purdue: Ph.D. Chemistry, Northwestern University
“Purdue is the perfect place to grow as a leader, scientist, and member of a community. I can't imagine spending four years anywhere else and getting the same opportunities and mentors who helped me achieve academic excellence, conduct research that would lead to multiple poster presentations and a paper, and present Chemistry to the community effectively through outreach.”

maryam photo

Major: Chemistry
After Purdue: Optometry, Midwestern University
“I am passionate about giving back and changing lives, and optometry will help me achieve that. Clear vision is crucial in our everyday tasks – but is so often taken for granted. I have witnessed the life-changing moments vision correction provides in my time working as an optician. I am excited to be responsible for those life changing moments myself one day.”

nathan photo

Major: Biochemistry
Minors: Psychology and Biology
After Purdue: Medical School
“Purdue offers amazing opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. I will always be thankful for the involvement I had as an undergraduate researcher in Professor Low’s lab. I learned an incredible amount that I would not have been introduced to in my classes. This experience has shaped my future and my decisions throughout college.”

thalia photo

Major: Chemistry Education
Minor: Psychology
After Purdue: High School Chemistry Teacher
“I really care about teaching. I have a passion for science and it’s so wonderful to see some of that in my students as well. The students I teach right now are both the most wonderful and most stressful part of my day and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I know that each and every one of them will go on to do something great.”

tyler photo

Major: Chemistry ACS
Minor: Film & Video Studies
After Purdue: Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, Cornell University
“My research in the Ren lab has been an extremely rewarding experience. Being a part of a research lab has given me many opportunities, from publishing my research, to presenting at conferences. Doing undergraduate research is a great introduction to the type of research done in a graduate school setting, and I would not be nearly as prepared for the transition to graduate school if I had not researched with Dr. Ren.”

xueyong photo

Major:  Chemistry ACS
After Purdue: Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, University of Illinois
“Purdue Chemistry is full of opportunities where everyone can succeed if they work for it. I worked on nanoparticle synthesis for my undergraduate research in Professor Christina Li's lab. This valuable experience has led to a publication and has developed my interest in inorganic chemistry. I appreciate the generous help from my research advisor Christina and other graduate students in the group.”

yanyang photo

Major: Chemistry ACS
After Purdue: Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University
“The research opportunities for undergraduates provided by Purdue are awesome. I worked in both Professor Cooks’ and Professor Zhong-Yin Zhang’s labs. This experience expanded my knowledge, gave me valuable research skills, and eventually led me to understand the research project as a whole.”