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CHM 11100 (PDF)

CHM 11200 (PDF)

CHM 11500 (PDF)

CHM 11600 (PDF)

Test-out Regulations (PDF)

Purdue Testing Center

Test Out Exams in Chemistry

The following guidelines for test-out exams in chemistry are in effect:

  • Chemistry advanced credit testing for CHM 11100, 11200, 11500 and 11600 is offered at four times during the academic year – at the beginning and in the middle of the fall and spring semesters.  Please visit the Purdue Testing Center for more information.
  • Any student who has not received a grade in CHM 11100, 11200, 11500, or 11600 (or any equivalent course), OR is not registered in any of these courses after the fourth week of the semester, may attempt the test-out exam.
  • Students must have recorded passing credit in a prerequisite course in order to be eligible to attempt a test-out exam for the sequence course, i.e. students must have credit in Chem 11500 (or equivalent) to take the Chem 11600 exam; or credit in Chem 11100 (or equivalent) to take the Chem 11200 exam.  Students who are currently registered in Chem 11500 or 11100, but have not yet earned a letter grade, are NOT eligible to take the Chem 11600 or 11200 exams.
  • If registered in a course for which the Credit/Placement Exam is being taken, students are responsible for attending class and completing all work in that class until they find out if they have passed.
  • A student may only attempt any chemistry test-out exam once.

Marcy H. Towns
Professor of Chemistry
Director of General Chemistry
Revised June 2014