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CHM 11100 (PDF)

CHM 11200 (PDF)

CHM 11500 (PDF)

CHM 11600 (PDF)

Advanced Credit Regulations (PDF)

Purdue Testing Services

Advanced Credit in Chemistry

Advanced Credit exams for CHM 11100, 11200, 11500, and 11600 are administered four times during the Academic Year (August, October, January, and March) by the Purdue Testing Center.

Contact the Purdue Testing Center at (765) 496-6168 or for further information, or questions regarding scheduling.

The following guidelines for Advanced Credit (Test-Out) exams in Chemistry are effective immediately:

1. Only ONE attempt is allowed for each Chemistry Advanced Credit Exam.

2. To be eligible for Advanced Credit, you must have no established grade for the course. A 'W' for withdrawal is acceptable, but not a 'W' with a grade attached such as a “WF” or “WN”. To drop a course without receiving a grade, you must withdraw BEFORE the fifth (5th) week of classes. (To be eligible to take the exam, you cannot be enrolled in the course AFTER the fourth (4th) week).

3. To be eligible to take the CHM 11200 exam, you must have credit for CHM 11100 (or equivalent). To be eligible to take the CHM 11600 exam, you must have credit for CHM 11500 (or equivalent). Students who have recorded passing credit for both CHM 11100 AND CHM 11200 are eligible to take the CHM 11600 exam. 

4. If you take an exam for which you are ineligible, it will not be scored for credit. You will not be allowed another attempt and will forfeit your credit by exam fee.

5. For each advanced credit exam you wish to take, you are required to meet with your academic advisor to complete a Form 231.

  • Take that completed Form 231 with you to your scheduled exam. Your Form 231 must be filled out and signed within the academic year in which you intend to take the exam.  No outdated forms will be accepted.

6. After meeting with your academic advisor, use the Advanced Credit Checklist (Page 2) attached to the Form 231 to ensure that you complete ALL of the registration steps.

You are responsible for completing all of the necessary registration steps and reviewing the Purdue Testing Center policies on the checklist.

7. If you are registered in a course for which you plan to take an Advanced Credit Exam, you are responsible for attending and completing all work in that class until it is confirmed that you have passed the exam. If you do pass, you should then drop the course.

Marcy H. Towns
Professor of Chemistry
Director of General Chemistry

Revised June 2022