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Annual Review

Annual Evaluation and individual development plan for graduate students

Annual evaluations and Individual Development Plans (IDPs) should be completed and submitted to the Main Office by the final day of the summer semester. The steps of the process are outlined below. This may take significant time, so students should plan to be working on the process at various points throughout the summer.

The graduate student Annual Evaluation and IDP process has several steps:

  1. Student creates the following documents:

    1. CV

    2. Research report (in the appropriate style for the year)

    3. IDP  (for the appropriate year)

    4. Top portion of the Research Evaluation form, Advisor version (for the appropriate year)

    5. For 2nd year only, top portion of the Research Evaluation form, Committee version

  2. Student delivers all forms:

    1. to the Advisor, by the deadline set by the advisor (this may be several weeks before the final departmental deadline, to allow time for review and discussion).

    2. to the Main Office. Students should submit electronically as a PDF document(s), to the Main Office email address,, using the following file naming convention: LastName_FirstInitial_YearX_description.pdf (for example, Einstein_A_Year4_CV.pdf or Faraday_M_Year2_Alldocs.pdf)

    3. For 2nd year only, to the members of the Committee (substituting the Committee version of the Research Evaluation Form for the Advisor version).

  3. Advisor completes the Research Evaluation form.

  4. Student and Advisor meet to review all documents, and the completed Research Evaluation form. Both sign the form, acknowledging receipt and review of the evaluation.

  5. Student delivers a copy of the signed evaluation form to the Main Office (along with updated copies of any other documents if there are significant edits following the review meeting). This is typically due on the final day of the summer semester.

  6. For the 2nd year only, Committee members deliver Committee version of the Research Evaluation form directly to the Main Office. The Main Office will notify the Advisor and the Student if any committee review is not "acceptable" or better.

  7. Filing plan:

    1. The Advisor’s Research Evaluation form will be filed electronically in the GradDB and on paper in the permanent file in the Main Office. Students and advisors may request to review filed documents at any time.

    2. All other documents will be filed electronically in the GradDB only. Students may ask for copies of documents in the Main Office. Advisors have direct access to the GradDB.

Specific instructions for each year:

CV: For all years, the CV should be should be written in a style consistent with the type of position that the student plans to seek following completion of the degree.


Research Report: All research reports should summarize research questions and accomplishments, and should set goals for research in the following year. Year-specific requirements include:

  • First year: Two pages maximum
  • Second year: The second-year report should be modeled on the format of a three-page JACS Communication with appropriate listing of citations using ACS style. The report should conclude with a brief section on future research plans.
  • Third year: Five pages maximum
  • Fourth year and beyond: Five pages maximum. The report should include a timeline for completion of the degree, and an outline of the planned dissertation.


IDP: Templates for Individual Development Plans are available on the College website at Click on “Chemistry” in the left-hand column. There are three different forms, one for first-year, one for second-year, and one for third-year and beyond.


Research Evaluation Forms: