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Frequently Asked Questions

   Are the tutors TAs?

All CRR tutors are upperclassmen undergraduate students who have completed organic chemistry. Therefore we cannot change your grade nor will be able to answer administrative questions regarding your class. If you have a specific question about your grade, contact the TA for your class.

   Will the tutors give me the answers?

No! Our job is to help you understand the concepts which you are learning in class and provide additional explanations from a student perspective. We can help you with your homework but only if you make an honest attempt at learning the material. In order to get the most out of your visit to the CRR, please attempt the homework on your own first.

In addition, we always suggest that you go to your TA's office hours first; they can help you on a more consistent  basis. See your course in Brightspace for posted TA office hours.

   What kind of materials can I borrow from the CRR?

We have book/solution manuals, model kits, and other reference materials which can be checked out using your Purdue ID card, and then used while in the CRR.

There is an Organic Textbook lending library in WTHR 116b; these books you can borrow for the entire semester.

   Can I get a private tutor?

Yes, please see the posted tutor list on the General Chemistry Office's main site.