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Center for Direct Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels


Chemistry has three faculty members who are collaborating with other scientists and engineers in the C3Bio initiative. Chemistry professor Mahdi Abu-Omar will co-chair the center. Professors Hilkka Kenttämaa and Garth Simpson are also involved in the five-year project to develop direct conversion technologies of plant biomass to fuels.

"Biological catalysts are fragile," Abu-Omar said. "Chemical catalysts have played a critical role in providing us fuels in the 20th Century from petroleum. In the 21st Century we will need robust and cheap chemical catalysts to provide us with renewable fuels directly from biomass."

Mahdi Abu-Omar, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Hilkka Kenttämaa, Professor of Analytical & Organic Chemistry

Garth Simpson, Associate Professor of Analytical & Physical Chemistry

Source: Purdue University News Service

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