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Undergraduate Opportunities

Class of 2023

Congratulations to the seniors in our Undergraduate Program! Here is what's next for some in the Class of 2023:


Major: Chemistry, Minor: German

After Purdue: Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry, University of Central Florida

“I worked as an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Alexander Laskin’s laboratory for four years. I presented my own poster over my collaborative work in aerosol chemistry at two chemistry conferences and started my own independent research project about microplastic pollution from food-grade plastics, which I will be continuing after I leave.”


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Spanish

After Purdue: Great Lakes Environmental Center in Traverse City, MI

“My most rewarding experience in the College of Science has been working in the Alex Laskin Lab. Purdue is an amazing place to get chemistry experience outside of the classroom.”


Major: Chemistry

After Purdue: Dental School, University of Missouri-Kansas City

“I have had a great four years here and I have met amazing people. As an undergraduate teaching assistant, I had the opportunity to help other students become more confident in their chemistry skills. I had a great time getting to know the students and help them develop their science knowledge.”


Major: ACS Chemistry

After Purdue: Ph.D. Chemistry, UC Berkeley

“Purdue is filled with opportunities to get involved outside the classroom, with undergraduate research or the countless clubs on campus, for most of them all you have to do is reach out and ask.”


Major: Interdisciplinary Science

After Purdue: Dental School, University of Louisville

“The chemistry department has given me so many opportunities to explore, gain experiences, and become a more well-rounded student. Working in Dr. Graham Cooks’ research group has allowed me to witness how astonishing mass spectrometry is – it truly is ‘Fast, Simple, and Unique.’”


Major: Biochemistry

After Purdue: Indiana University School of Medicine

“While Purdue is a challenging school academically, there is nothing you cannot accomplish with the resources provided for you and a determined mindset. Working in the Low lab for development of cancer drugs showed me the what ground-level research of cancer therapy looks like and why this disease is so difficult to treat.”


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Forensic Science and Law and Society

After Purdue: M.S. in Forensic Science, IUPUI

“My most awarding experiences were being an undergraduate teaching assistant for the Chemistry Department and being a member of Women in Science Program (WISP). As a TA, I enjoyed helping my students gain confidence in their chemistry and lab skills while creating a fun and safe learning environment. As a mentor in WISP, I was able to help build a community that provides support and enhances the personal and professional identities of women and nonbinary people in science.”


Major: Honors Chemistry

After Purdue: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Harvard University

“The chemistry program at Purdue is excellent! The department and professors truly care about the well-being and success of students. I worked in Mingji Dai and Chris Uyeda's lab where I learned the skills and life of a graduate student. I was part of a paper published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society with another two on the way. I have made lifelong connections with the people I’ve met at Purdue.”


Major: Chemistry

After Purdue: Gap year EMT in Indianapolis area, then medical school

“A great experience for me at Purdue was working as an undergraduate TA during my junior and senior years. I was also involved in a research lab which was incredibly challenging but incredibly rewarding! I am passionate about working with people, which manifests in my love for working with patients.”


Major: ACS Chemistry

After Purdue: Ph.D. Material Science and Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“One of the most rewarding experiences I had was working in Dr. Tong Ren's lab. I experienced what it is like to be a graduate student for a summer. I also made a lot of graduate and undergraduate friends as well as getting involved in different activities on campus and in the Lafayette area.”


Major: ACS Chemistry

After Purdue: PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

“My time in the Alex Laskin research group provided me the opportunity to work with cutting edge research techniques and contribute to the ongoing discussion about aerosol chemistry and its connection to climate change. As a nontraditional student, I felt nothing but welcomed into the Purdue community since my very first day. Boiler up!”


Major: ACS Chemistry

After Purdue: Ph.D. in physical chemistry, UC Berkeley

“The most fruitful experience I had at Purdue was working as a member of Professor Hilkka Kenttamaa's research group. I developed an understanding of mass spectrometry and its many applications. Purdue's deep connections to industry and government partners make it a powerhouse institution for a budding chemist.”


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Psychology

After Purdue: Digital Media Sales Representative at Multiview in Dallas, TX

“Purdue is an amazing place of opportunity. There are so many ways to broaden your horizons and try new things. The people here – my fellow students and faculty – are so helpful and supportive. They want you to succeed in whatever you do!”


Major: Chemistry

After Purdue: Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry, Cornell University

“I gained essential research skills with the opportunity of undergraduate research in the Dai and Uyeda labs, and knowledge from grad level classes. The diverse backgrounds from my peers and fellow researchers enhanced my learning and helped me become the person I am today as a scientist and a human being.”


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Sustainable Environments

After Purdue: Fermentation Development Technician, Corteva Agriscience

“I was an undergraduate Teaching Assistant, teaching general chemistry to my fellow peers. I also had the opportunity to develop my love of nature by studying various topics related to environmental science, environmental chemistry, sustainability, and policy.”


Major: ACS Chemistry

After Purdue: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Cornell University

“Purdue is a great school with opportunities for every student to pursue their dream. There is research opening to even first or second year students. Thanks to my early access to the research work, I have more understanding and confidence to apply for graduate school.”


Major: Chemistry, Minor: Communication

After Purdue: Petronas Global Energy, Malaysia

“I care a lot about building relationships with other people: colleagues, friends, professors. I have enjoyed meeting new people of different backgrounds at Purdue, along with dedicated professors and faculty members, who have all made my life at Purdue memorable.”


Major: ACS Biochemistry, Minors: Economics and Management

After Purdue: Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Purdue University

“Purdue offers multiple research opportunities for students to participate in, as well as teaching positions that can offer beneficial teaching experiences. I worked as an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Zhong-Yin Zhang's lab, and as an undergraduate teaching assistant for Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry.”


Major: Chemistry

After Purdue: Law School, Washington University

“Purdue, and the chemistry department, are extremely good at giving students real-world experiences while still in college. Getting involved with undergraduate research is a great opportunity to find out what working in a lab is like and learn new topics not covered in many courses.”


Majors: Chemistry, Art History

After Purdue: Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University

“A rewarding experience for me at Purdue was joining the Alex Laskin Group researching atmospheric and aerosol chemistry, which has allowed me to see a future in this industry and contribute to the fight against climate change.”


Major: Chemistry, Minor: EAPS

After Purdue: Chemist, Hydrite Chemical Co.

“Coming to Purdue, I never thought I would learn how to fly a plane, but Purdue has a club for that, and I did it! I also worked directly with a government agency to help understand the ever-changing state of our country’s forests, and Purdue also provided that. Getting to be a part of these communities helped me make some great friends and taught me a lot of new skills.”