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K-12 Outreach summer 2023 projects



K-12 Outreach is wrapping up its 2023 summer work and preparing for the fall semester.

Over the summer, Professor Hannah Starr and her graduate students Hailey Hiatt and Caroline Sorrells have been working on a series of video tutorials that Superheroes of Science has turned into a playlist (Understand Your Learning Questions) with the goals to both make chemistry more accessible for all learners and help prepare students for Purdue University collegiate level chemistry. The questions are part of a review module for incoming general chemistry students at Purdue University. The playlist can be found here.

Superheroes of Science is also building a STEM Career Repository to help educate middle and high school students about the vast number of career possibilities in STEM fields. Professor Suzanne Bart was instrumental in helping us utilize some grant funding to support this initiative. We would love help in building this resource! Any current faculty, graduate students, and alumni are invited to submit a 2-3 minute video introducing their work as a STEM professional. Details can be found on the Chemistry Outreach page. The STEM Career Repository can be found here.