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Get Involved with K-12 Outreach!

Remember to submit any activities you do with K-12:

Opportunities to get involved with K-12 Outreach this Fall (2022):

Hands on Purdue and AP Fridays 

  • The Hands on Purdue program is for middle school and high school classes. 
  • AP Fridays is a program just for college-bound high school students. Despite the program name, we are now able to make arrangements to offer these lab experiences Monday through Friday thanks to our dedicated K-12 Outreach Lab space (BROWN 1175).
  • All labs included in these programs provide students with hands-on science experiences in the Brown building on the West Lafayette Campus. 
  • Fall 2022 semester: October 21 - From Microbes to Medicines with Professor Betsy Parkinson
  • HOP Lab and AP Fridays Official Web Site

Virtual Labs

If you like to help but prefer an activity that is not necessarily hands-on, we have created virtual labs for teachers and students. View examples of virtual labs and our work developing a webpage for Science Demos.

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