This scheme is for Department of Chemistry use; it may not work for other departments.  You are asked to comply with Department of Chemistry training requirements if you have keys to BRWN or WTHR, or if you are Chemistry Faculty, chemistry staff of any type, grad student, or undergrad research for credit.  

Inquire if you are uncertain.

You have said you are not working in a lab that uses chemicals.  If you use ANY chemical in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, you will need to go back and say "yes" to the previous question to access the PPE module. If you use chemicals such as cleaners and other solvents in accordance to the manufacturers guidelines to perform your work, continue with the training outlined below.

INITIAL TRAINING (at time of beginning employment):

1. Complete the Hazard Communication Program ("HazCom") online reading exercise and be sure to follow all instructions.

Choose the "Awareness Training" option if you use no chemicals in any other way (and frequency and duration) than you would at your home. This includes clerical staff and Theory Groups. When chemical use or exposure is a routine or significant part of your job, and does NOT involve the laboratory use of hazardous chemicals, then perform the Comprehensive HazCom Training.

2. Complete the BEP (Building Emergency Plan) training exercises (will open a new window)

REFRESHER TRAINING ANNUALLY -- Do same thing again every year between May 15th - June 15th.  Read, Print out the BEP, then complete by hand, get supervisor's signature where called for, and submit to Paul Bower at WTHR 173. OR digitize the BEP form, and attach it to an email to Paul Bower.