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10/29/2014 Why plants don’t get sunburn Professor Zwier
10/28/2014 Purdue-based startup shines light on heart disease severity, location Professor Cheng
10/23/2014 Purdue-led STEM program offers West Point cadets authentic research opportunities Scherer
10/17/2014 Did You Know? Leighty Commons Scherer
10/15/2014 NIH awards $640,000 grant to improve diagnosis of diseases before onset of symptoms Professor Tao
10/1/2014 NIH awards $1 million grant to life sciences firm in Purdue Research Park Professor Wirth
9/19/2014 Purdue alumnus C.N.R. Rao returns to campus for lecture Professor Zwier
9/16/2014 Natural gas alone isn’t magic weapon against climate change Professor Shepson
9/5/2014 Discovery Park dedication celebrates opening of Drug Discovery, Bindley Multidisciplinary Cancer Research facilities Professor Low
8/25/2014 Quantum Chemistry’s Modular Movement Professor Slipchenko
8/20/2014 Did You Know? Analytical chemistry at Purdue Professors Kissinger & Xia
7/16/2014 Water molecules favor negative charges Professor Ben-Amotz
7/9/2014 Purdue-designed tool helps guide brain cancer surgery Professor Cooks
5/27/2014 Professor Cooks and former student win Nobel Signature Award for Graduate Education in Chemistry Professor Cooks
5/16/2014 Biofuel research at core of Purdue-Navy agreement Prof Abu-Omar
5/14/2014 CASPiE offers plebes, yearlings authentic research opportunity Prof Weaver
5/12/2014 Jonathan Amy presented honorary doctorate Professor Cooks
4/19/2014 Negishi bust unveiled on campus - Lafayette J&C Prof Negishi
4/19/2014 Bronze bust of Purdue’s Nobel laureate Negishi unveiled Professor Negishi
4/18/2014 Nobel Prize winner honored with bust - WLFI-TV Prof Negishi
4/14/2014 Measuring Atmospheric Chemistry of Methane Emissions Professor Shepson
4/9/2014 Purdue Chemistry leader in women faculty members Steve Scherer
3/27/2014 Purdue researchers launch innovative biomass renewable energy company Professor Abu-Omar
3/25/2014 Nanotube coating helps shrink mass spectrometers Professor Cooks
3/25/2014 Purdue University discovery leads to Endocyte cancer drug Prof Low
3/24/2014 Analytical classroom stretches across the state Professor Kissinger
3/23/2014 Grad student featured in 175 Faces of Chemistry Professor Xia
3/20/2014 Alumna featured in 2014 Forty Under 40 Professor Cooks
3/14/2014 Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. celebrates 40 years Professor Kissinger
3/13/2014 High cholesterol in prostate tumours Professor Cheng
3/13/2014 Purdue, Houston Methodist partner for drug discovery Prof Low
2/24/2014 Nobel Laureate Signature Award For Graduate Education In Chemistry Professor Cooks
2/17/2014 Alum's Company to be Honored For Service to The Blind Prof Bodner
2/17/2014 Professor Thompson studying neurodegenerative disorder Prof Thompson
2/6/2014 Video Replay of Graham Cooks Dreyfus Prize Ceremony Prof Cooks
2/6/2014 Alumna picked for Science Teacher Fellowship Scherer
1/28/2014 New Strategy Emerges for fighting Drug-resistant Malaria Chmielewski/Hrycyna
1/27/2014 Alum receives George C. Pimentel Award In Chemical Education Steve Scherer
1/10/2014 Zwier leads search for next provost Professor Zwier
12/20/2013 Chemistry Alum to lead AACC Prof Kissinger
12/4/2013 Grad Students aid Tornado Victims Steve Scherer
11/19/2013 Chemistry Alum receives India's Highest Civilian Honor Prof Wild
11/15/2013 Kissinger wins Commercialization Award Prof Kissinger
11/5/2013 Chemistry part of project aiming to mass-produce 'nanopetals' for sensors, batteries Prof Wei
11/5/2013 Professor Marcy Towns inducted into Teaching Academy Prof Towns
11/4/2013 Paying It Forward At NOBCChE Professor Francisco
10/31/2013 Wilker named PopTech Science Fellow Prof Wilker
10/31/2013 Low named 2013 Life Sciences Champion of the Year Prof Low
10/21/2013 Mass Spec’s Century Of Change Professor Cooks
9/13/2013 Purdue to accelerate drug discovery, development Prof Low
8/1/2013 Cheng Research Group receives Trask Funding Mike Everly
7/1/2013 Path to the Marketplace Professor Xia
5/23/2013 A new 'tool for the organic chemist toolbox' Prof. Colby
5/7/2013 Cooks wins Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences Professor Cooks
5/3/2013 Professor Francisco elected to National Academy of Sciences Professor Francisco
5/3/2013 Multidisciplinary team to study new bladder cancer therapy to help dogs, people Professor Low
4/24/2013 Sunlit snow triggers atmospheric cleaning Prof. Shepson
4/23/2013 Wetherill Building named National Landmark Steve Scherer
3/21/2013 Professor Shepson research featured in Nature article Prof Shepson
3/21/2013 Professor Marcy Towns awarded Murphy Teaching Award Prof Towns
1/16/2013 Mary B. Nakhleh ACS Award For Achievement Professor Nakhleh
1/9/2013 New tool to for cancer detection in operating room Professor Cooks
12/25/2012 Professor John Grutzner retires Prof Grutzner
12/6/2012 Abu-Omar and Weaver named AAAS Fellows Scherer
12/6/2012 Purdue-designed molecule Alzheimer's treatment Professor Ghosh
12/6/2012 Ben-Amotz Research featured in Nature Professor Ben-Amotz
11/8/2012 2012 Chemistry Show Paul Smith
10/15/2012 Technology Lights Up Cancer Cells Prof. Low
8/15/2012 Mingji Dai joins faculty Professor Dai
7/18/2012 Pre-Med Program Prof. Bina
7/18/2012 Quantum Chemistry Prof. Kais
7/18/2012 Learning Beyond the Classroom Dr. Cisneros
6/15/2012 Negishi Biography airs on BigTen Network Scherer
6/15/2012 Dor Ben-Amotz is Murphy Award Winner Prof Ben-Amotz
6/15/2012 Planned Drug Discovery Building Celebrated Prof Low
4/24/2012 Professor Mary Nakhleh retires Prof Nakhleh
4/23/2012 Professor Harry Morrison retires Scherer
3/27/2012 Cooks named Cotton Medalist Prof. Cooks
3/27/2012 Women's History Month Profile Prof. Shah
3/27/2012 Shepson ALAR Polar Research Prof. Shepson
2/21/2012 Purdue Launches Commercialization Center Prof. Cooks
2/21/2012 Protein Mutation in Parkinson's Disease Prof. Regnier
1/6/2012 Chemistry major is Music Maker Scherer
1/6/2012 Professor Shepson awarded by AGU Professor Shepson
1/6/2012 Analytical Chemistry Course in China Professor Cooks
1/6/2012 Adelman elected AAAS Fellow Professor Adelman
1/6/2012 Chemistry in the Arctic Professor Shepson
9/26/2011 Undergrad featured in inaugural journal Michalski
9/22/2011 Plant Analysis Made Simple (C&E News) Professor Cooks
9/19/2011 Ghosh receives NIH award to continue work on HIV/AIDS Ghosh
9/19/2011 Dimerised drug leads two pronged attack on HIV Chmielewski
9/19/2011 Fluorescence-guided ovarian cancer surgery Low
9/19/2011 Purdue to help create new interdisciplinary science curriculum Hrycyna
5/24/2011 Chem Undergrad is G.A. Ross Award Winner Scherer
5/24/2011 Math for Chemists - CHM 621 Professor Simpson
4/21/2011 Food Safety Professor Cooks
4/21/2011 Chemistry featured at Statehouse Professor Ramachandran
4/21/2011 Negishi AAAS honor Professor Negishi
3/21/2011 Wirth named Distinguished Woman Scholar Prof. Wirth
3/21/2011 Tao Nanopolymers Prof. Tao
2/4/2011 Negishi Awards Dinner Scherer
2/4/2011 Negishi-Brown Institute announced Roberts
1/21/2011 AAAS Fellows Scherer
12/1/2010 Chemistry alum strengthens students' interest in science
11/17/2010 Imaging tool to screen nanotubes Professor Yang
11/11/2010 Nobel Prize winners meet at Purdue Negishi
11/1/2010 Study on Detecting Breast Cancer Recurrence Prof. Raftery
10/26/2010 Testing New Aviation Fuel Prof. Shepson
10/11/2010 2010 Nobel Prize awarded to Negishi Professor Negishi
9/30/2010 NSF QIS Funding Prof. Kais
9/20/2010 Francisco serves on Obama Committee Professor Francisco
9/20/2010 The Chemistry of Oysters Professor Wilker
8/6/2010 Potential prostate cancer marker Prof. Cooks
8/5/2010 ACS Awards - Boston Meeting Scherer
7/1/2010 Revealing fake money Prof. Cooks
6/28/2010 Purdue Graduate assisting Coast Guard during Gulf Oil Spill Scherer
5/19/2010 Gates Foundation Grant to Study Malaria Drug Resistance
5/5/2010 Cooks & Francisco Inducted into AAAS
4/29/2010 Chmielewski receives 2010 Murphy Teaching Award
4/28/2010 Sivaram honorary doctorate degree Scherer
4/16/2010 Ghosh Awarded the 2010 IUPAC-Richter Prize Prof. Ghosh
3/30/2010 College of Science Distinguished Alumni Scherer
3/24/2010 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Prof. Cooks
2/12/2010 Francisco featured in national print ad Scherer
1/19/2010 Slipchenko wins NSF CAREER award Prof. Slipchenko
1/15/2010 Organometallic Molecular Wire Prof. Ren
1/14/2010 Yang wins 2009 NSF Early-CAREER award Prof. Yang
1/5/2010 Francisco leads ACS Prof. Francisco
12/21/2009 Protein Crystal Detection Prof. Simpson
12/11/2009 Francisco featured in Winter Olympics segment Prof. Francisco
12/9/2009 Snowflake Chemistry Research
12/8/2009 Theoretical Chemistry
11/23/2009 Electrochemical Control of Material Shapes
11/23/2009 Center for Direct Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels
11/19/2009 Crystal Engineering: DNA in 3D Prof. Mao
11/5/2009 Tissue Engineering Prof. Chmielewski
10/1/2009 DESI technology featured again on TV drama Professor Cooks
8/31/2009 National ACS Awards for Organic Professors Scherer
8/28/2009 Purdue to find game changing way to produce biofuels Prof. Abu-Omar
7/23/2009 Twinkling nanostars cast new light into biomedical imaging Professor Wei
7/10/2009 Prostate cancer 'homing device' Philip S. Low
6/17/2009 Jeffrey Roberts named dean of Purdue College of Science R. E. Wild
6/2/2009 Silver Lining In Melamine Crisis R. G. Cooks
6/1/2009 The trustees approved the appointments of Arun Ghosh as distinguished professor A. Ghosh
4/27/2009 Insulin Impact on Fat Professor Cheng
3/9/2009 Hilkka Kenttämaa presented 2009 Provost’s Award for Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor S. Scherer
1/22/2009 Purdue technology detects contaminant in milk products R. G. Cooks
12/23/2008 C&EN News-Women Now 16% Of Chemistry Faculty Steve Scherer
11/11/2008 Purdue professor to lead American Chemical Society in 2010 Professor Joe Francisco
11/11/2008 Purdue technology makes television debut on CSI: Miami R. G. Cooks
11/11/2008 Purdue researcher invents molecule that stops SARS Professor Ghosh
10/29/2008 College of Science to honor 9 outstanding alumni with awards R. E. Wild
10/28/2008 Purdue Research Foundation honors faculty entrepreneurs, inventors R. E. Wild
9/23/2008 Two Purdue professors to discuss their research Professor McLuckey
9/15/2008 Professor Weaver named interim director of the Discovery Learning Center Professor Weaver
9/3/2008 Research creates tool to quickly analyze where drugs go in the body Professor Cooks
8/8/2008 Fingerprint Test Tells What a Person Has Touched Professor Cooks
8/4/2008 Professor Philip Low Birthday Celebration Robert VanEtten
6/30/2008 Purdue establishes center focused on analytical instrumentation; creates 'dream team' with regional universities Cooks/Regnier
6/20/2008 Professor Scott McLuckey name John A. Leighty Distinguished Professor R. E. Wild
5/15/2008 Center for Analytical Instrumentation Development Launch Symposium Professor R. G. Cooks
4/29/2008 John Landis to receive Honorary Degree R. E. Wild
4/1/2008 Chemical Educators Overcome Obstacles Professor Towns
3/20/2008 Margerum Retirement Professor McMillin
3/18/2008 Medical diagnostics growing in influence Dan Raftery
2/11/2008 Science immersion-Purdue gives teachers a refresher course Bill Bayley
2/5/2008 Arun Ghosh Selected to Receive 2008 Robert M. Scarborough Memorial Award Professor Ghosh
1/17/2008 Purdue-designed Alzheimer's treatment completes first phase of testing
1/9/2008 Global leader in cancer treatment research to give lecture at Purdue Professor Low
12/20/2007 Purdue Research Park company commercializing method to improve early cancer diagnosis Professor Raftery
12/6/2007 Purdue contingent to meet with industry, academic leaders in India Professor Cooks
12/6/2007 Purdue researchers obtain a snapshot clarifying how materials enter cells Professor Amy Davidson
10/16/2007 Gold nanorods shed light on new approach to fighting cancer Ji-Xin Cheng and Alex Wei
10/15/2007 Taking Mass Spec Into The Open R. G. Cooks
10/11/2007 Professor Francisco to discuss planetary engineering of Mars Professor Francisco
9/19/2007 Purdue researchers develop technology to detect cancer by scanning surface veins Professor Low
7/24/2007 Purdue-IU researchers explore new method for early disease diagnosis Professor Raftery
7/19/2007 'CARS' imaging reveals clues to myelin damage Professor Ji-Xin Cheng
6/25/2007 Alzheimer's drug based on Purdue-designed inhibitor begins clinical trials Arun Ghosh
6/11/2007 Griffin's great idea: Take lab to sample Indianapolis Star
5/18/2007 Professor Zwier named M. G. Mellon Distiguished Professor of Chemistry R. E. Wild
5/3/2007 2007 Honorary Degree - Alan J. Levy R. E. Wild
5/1/2007 Department recognizes student, faculty and staff achievments. D. Wilkinson
4/18/2007 Research could lead to treatment for Alzheimer's disease Professor Ghosh
4/16/2007 Six Purdue educators receive 2007 Murphy Awards Professor Hrycyna
3/29/2007 24th Annual Herbert C. Brown Lectures in Organic Chemistry - April 21, 2007 Professor Negishi
3/28/2007 Foster Lecture - Professor Steven Clarke - April 12, 2007
3/23/2007 Fuel of Possibilities - From hydrogen to biofuels, researchers seek out powerful ideas for energizing tomorrow. Elizabeth Gardner
2/15/2007 Scientists use nanoparticle to discover disease-causing proteins Professor Tao
1/24/2007 Chemical Technology Interview: Dedicated to detection R. G. Cooks
1/22/2007 Technique quickly identifies bacteria for food safety, health care and homeland security Professor Cooks
1/17/2007 Indy company rides biotech breakthrough R. G. Cooks
12/11/2006 Professor Negishi recieves the 2007 Yamada-Koga Prize Professor Negishi
11/13/2006 2007 Plyler Prize awarded to Professor Timothy Zwier Donna Wilkinson
11/13/2006 Professors Mary Nakhleh and Sabre Kais receive honors Professor Zwier
11/1/2006 Professor continues legacy of late Nobel Prize laureate Negishi
10/16/2006 2006 Outstanding Alumni Celebration - October 26 R. Wild
10/13/2006 Purdue honors faculty entrepreneurs for life-altering inventions Phil Low
10/13/2006 Purdue professor honored for patents Phil Low
10/9/2006 Images develop clinical applications for new DESI technology R. G. Cooks
10/9/2006 Amy Mellon Lecture - October 11 R. WIld
10/5/2006 2006 Walton Lecture - October 19 D. McMillin
10/2/2006 Science Laureates - Town Hall Meeting, October 5 Lawson Hall
9/28/2006 Purdue-IU join cancer detection effort Professor Regnier
9/25/2006 Discovery Partners-Chemistry and Healthcare - October 12&13 Raftery
9/13/2006 Researcher lights the way to better drug delivery Phil Low
8/14/2006 Purdue celebrates 'Father of the FDA,' Indiana's Harvey Wiley, at the state fair R. E. Wild
8/4/2006 Plannet named after Purdue professor Professor Lipschutz
8/3/2006 Research leads to first treatment for drug-resistant HIV Arun Ghosh
7/13/2006 Purdue Inaugurates Moore Professorship C&E News
7/12/2006 Purdue honors professor at Southern University Frank Brown
6/26/2006 Purdue researcher finds ways to recycle hydrogen Professor Ramachandran
6/6/2006 Inproteo to build off spin-outs Peter Kissinger
6/5/2006 Joe Francisco and Phil Fuchs nominated as designated professors R. E. Wild
6/1/2006 Award for a Distinguished Contribution in Mass Spectrometry R. G. Cooks
5/3/2006 First RAVE winner has formula for working together with harmony, success D. Wilkinson
4/30/2006 Families enjoy chemistry of 'Dia del Niño' George Pates
4/18/2006 Purdue creates simpler alternative for chemical-analysis method R. G. Cooks
4/12/2006 Professor Nakhleh one of five Purdue educators receive 2006 Murphy Awards
4/10/2006 Purdue Energy Center symposium touts benefits of hydrogen fuel Professor Ramachandran
4/3/2006 Purdue's analytical chemistry grad program ranks second in nation R. E. Wild
4/3/2006 Better Than Ever At Pittcon 2006 C&E News
3/31/2006 Herbert C. Brown Lectures - April 22, 2006 Professor Negishi
3/20/2006 Purdue chemical-analysis method promises fast results R. G. Cooks
2/15/2006 Purdue faculty-entrepreneurs honored at recognition dinner Fred Regnier
2/6/2006 Purdue chemist honored for improving lives, creating jobs Fred Regnier
1/23/2006 The 19th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education W. R. Robinson
1/23/2006 Breakthrough in trace detection of peroxide explosives R. G. Cooks; I. Cotte-Rodriguez
1/13/2006 2006 Kelly Lecture Kavita Shah
1/3/2006 India Science Award presented to C N R Rao P.V. Ramachandran
11/29/2005 Hydrogen Initiative Symposium P.V. Ramachandran
11/14/2005 Purdue, Vanderbilt scientists develop new cancer detection technique R. G. Cooks
10/31/2005 Purdue's gold nanorods brighten future for medical imaging P. S. Low, A. Wei and J. Cheng
10/31/2005 Show features chemistry wonders P. Smith
10/25/2005 BioTech Nation Interview with Bindu Varghese B. Barghese/Phil Low
10/11/2005 The 21st-Century Chemistry Library Jeremy R. Garritano
10/3/2005 Fast, accurate detection of explosives on airport luggage possible R. G. Cooks
10/3/2005 Meteorites offer glimpse of the early Earth, say Purdue scientists M. E. Lipschutz
9/7/2005 Explaining LiAlH4, NaBH4 reactivities Francisco/Wenthold
9/6/2005 Fuel cells might get hydrogen from water, organic material Mahdi Abu-Omar
9/1/2005 Chemistry Education in 2015 Will Demand Lessons in Communication and Teamwork, Scientists Say Prof. Weaver
8/9/2005 BASi Appoints New Executive VP - Chief Scientific Officer Purdue Research Park News
8/5/2005 Purdue scientists discover why we’re all lefties deep down R. G. Cooks
8/2/2005 New Purdue center to energize the future thanks to Lilly Endowment, Lugar
8/2/2005 New Purdue center will expand cancer research across disciplines
7/14/2005 Advances in Bioanalytical Chemistry and the Changing Climate for Academic Engagement with Commercial Entities- October 6-7, 2005 P. Shepson
7/1/2005 Purdue trustees approve new vice provost, honor 4 professors University News Service
6/7/2005 2005 Honorary Degree, John A. Smith M. Garner
6/1/2005 New opportunities from old chemistry in surface science, say Purdue chemists Alex Wei
5/24/2005 Alternative to thiol monolayer Alex Wei(C&EN News)
5/23/2005 Startup Prosolia wins $50,000 award to move product to market R. G. Cooks (University News Service)
5/20/2005 Atmosphere may cleanse itself better than previously thought Joe Francisco
5/2/2005 Endocyte moves operations to Purdue Technology Center; celebrates anchor position Professor Low
5/2/2005 Sabre Kais Awarded 2005 Guggenheim Fellowship R. E. Wild
4/27/2005 GETTING A HEAD START Programs introduce undergraduates to laboratory research in their freshman year G. Weaver/F. Lytle
4/25/2005 QuadraSpec first Hoosier company to win life sciences biz plan contest Prof. Regnier
4/13/2005 Business plan competition has 2 finalists from Indiana R. E. Wild
3/17/2005 Purdue chemistry faculty working to protect the homeland Cooks/McLuckey/Regnier
3/7/2005 Purdue researchers use enzyme to clip 'DNA wires' Albena Ivanisevic
3/2/2005 JBC Online Paper of the Week-Characterization of an Integral Membrane Protein Professor Hrycyna
2/8/2005 Profiles of Success, Dr. Frank Brown Suzy Garner
2/1/2005 Purdue chemist to be recognized for job-creating inventions R. G. Cooks
1/24/2005 Herbert C. Brown Memorial, 2pm February 5, 2005 in Fowler Hall Professor Negishi
1/1/2005 Science Web site names top ten science stories of 2004 Jon Wilker
12/21/2004 Herbert C. Brown, 92, Dies; Chemist Won Nobel for Boron Work New York Times
12/3/2004 Promoting Diversity-Chemical & Engineering News, November 22, 2004 Joe Francisco
10/20/2004 Chemistry Distinguished Alumni Banquet, October 21, 2004 Garner/Wild
10/18/2004 Purdue chemists give an old laboratory ‘bloodhound’ a sharper nose News Service(Cooks)
9/29/2004 Memorial Service for Professor Michael Laskowski, October 2, 2004 Wild
9/22/2004 Professor Timothy Zwier named as Department Head in Chemistry R. E. Wild
9/2/2004 Amy-Mellon Lecture, October 14, 2004 Cooks
9/2/2004 Walton Lecture, November 4, 2004 Dave McMillin
9/2/2004 Chemistry 621 Symposium, October 14, 2004
8/30/2004 Bright idea could doom cancer and viruses, say Purdue scientists News Service (Morrison)
8/6/2004 Molecular Lithography with DNA Nanostructures (Angew. Chem. 31/2004) C. Mao
7/30/2004 2004-2005 Divsion of Analytical Chemistry Graduate Fellowships Amy Tabert
6/25/2004 WHERE ARE THEY NOW? C&EN catches up with seven professors we profiled at the start of their careers in 2000 Wilker
5/3/2004 QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE-Annual NOBCChE conference offers something for scientists at all stages of their careers NOBCChE
4/29/2004 Organozirconium Chemistry Arrives Negishi
4/26/2004 2004 Burton Morgan competition recognizes Purdue ventures in top 10 Cooks
4/16/2004 School of Science honors distinguished Alumni Wild
4/9/2004 Professor Fred Regnier named distingushed professor of chemistry Regnier
3/29/2004 Purdue scientists: To stop cancer, keep your Icmt away from your Ras Christine Hrycyna
2/24/2004 Chemists 'put the twist' on protein building block Tim Zwier
2/2/2004 ‘Rule-breaking’ molecule could lead to non-metal magnets Paul Wenthold
1/12/2004 Chemist 'mussels' in on secrets of natural adhesives Jon Wilker
1/12/2004 Earth's 'extreme organisms' make life on Mars seem possible Mike Lipschutz
12/10/2003 Self-assembled 'nanorings' could boost computer memory Alex Wei

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