Anchoring Semiconductor and Metal Nanoparticles on a 2-Dimensional Catalyst Mat. Storing and Shuttling Electrons with Reduced Graphene Oxide

Ian V. Lightcap - University of Notre Dame


Alkane Dehydrogenation: α,β-Double C-H Bond Activation of Ethane and Higher Alkanes by a Transient Titanium Alkylidyne

Vincent N. Cavaliere Indiana University


Fc-Fc Equatorial Electronic Communication Through Diruthenium Paddlewheel Complexes

Darryl Boyd Purdue University


Synthesis of Shape-controlled Bi2WO6 Particles using Unconventional Precursors with Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

Amanda K. Peterson Indiana University


Kinetics and Mechanism of O2-Activation using Zr(IV) with Redox-active Ancillary Ligand

Mary Jones Purdue University


Bond Cleavage Accelerated by Ligand Oxidation: Synthesis, Characterization and Redox Properties of Titanium(IV) Diolates of Noninnocent Ligands

Mauricio Quiroz-Guzman University of Notre Dame


Synthesis and Reactivity of Uranium Compounds Containing Redox-Active α-Diimine Ligands

Steven Kraft Purdue University


Template-Directed Synthesis: Differential Ion Exchange in Elliptical Uranyl Diphosphonate Nanotubules

Pius O. Adelani University of Notre Dame


Redox Non-Innocent Ligands and Water Oxidation

Soumya Ghosh Indiana University


Posters (Poster Numbering)


Cubic and Rhombohedral Heterobimetallic Networks Constructed from Uranium, Transition Metals, and Phosphonoacetate
 Andrea N. Alsobrook, Evgeny V. Alekseev, Wulf Depmeier, Thomas E. Albrecht-Schmitt

Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 and C-C bond Formation using Polypyridyl Ru Complexes
José  L G. Andino, Meghan C. McCormick, and Mu-Hyun Baik*

A Five-Center Redox System: Molecular Coupling of Two Non-Innocent Imino-o-benzoquinonato-Ruthenium Functions through a p Acceptor Bridge
Atanu Kumar Das, Biprajit Sarkar, Jan Fiedler, Stanislav Zalis, Goutam Kumar Lahiri, Kenneth G. Caulton and Wolfgang Kaim*

Overcoming Losses at the Counter Electrode in Quantum Dot Solar Cells by Salt Bridge Isolation
David R. Baker , Prashant V. Kamat*

Composition tuning of p-type Cu2O photocathode for use in photoelectrochemical cells
Bobby Balow and Kyoung-Shin Choi

Overlooked and Misbehaving: Unsymmetric Tetrazine Ligands Coordinated to Iron(II)
Christopher R. Benson, Kumar Parimal, Joseph A. Thomas, Chun-Hsing Chen, Amar H. Flood

Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Sequestration of CO2
Jeffrey A. Bertke, Kyle G. Hakanen, Kenneth W. Henderson*

Study of the formation of the O-O bond in chlorite dismutase
Beatrice Blanc, Bennett Streit and Jennifer Dubois

Fluorescent imaging of plant cell wall with azido fucose and acetylene naphthalimide using click chemistry
Christine Bohn, Dr. Takeshi Fujino, Dr. Mahdi Abu Omar, Dr. Daniel Szymanski

Interesting coordination chemistry of Ni(II) complexes with redox non-innocent pyridylpyrrolide ligands
Rene W. Buell, Nikolay Tsvetkov, Jose G. Andino, Maren Pink, Chun-Hsing Chen, Ashley R. Head, Dennis L. Lichtenberger, and Kenneth G. Caulton

Synthesis of Charge-Separated Magnesium Trisamides and their Utility in Enolization Reactions
Melanie Bunda, Kayla Lewis, Kenneth W. Henderson*

Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of High-Valent Molybdenum Complexes Containing Redox-Active Ligands
Isaac R. Corn and Mahdi Abu-Omar

Catalytic dehydrogenation of ethane using titanium alkylidynes
Marco G. Crestani, Vincent N. Cavaliere and Daniel J. Mindiola

Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Molecules for Device Current Modulation
Steven Cummings, Carl Liskey, Alex Geanes, Tong Ren

The Interaction of Copper with Pyridylpyrrolides: From Coordination Chemistry with Non-innocent Ligands Towards Catalysis by Atom and Group Transfer
Jaime A. Flores, Jose G. Andino; Robert J. Wolfe; Maren Pink; Kenneth G. Caulton

Diruthenium σ-gem-DEE Compounds: Novel Scaffolds of Carbon Rich Organometallics
Will Forrest and Tong Ren*

Alex Geanes, Steven Cummings and Tong Ren

Interactions of Copper (II) Porphyrins with Quadruplex DNA
Abby J. Gaier, David R. McMillin and Robert McGuire, Jr.

Discovering chelate Copper(I) and Gold (I) Compounds
Tao He, Kenneth G. Caulton

Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of Platinum(II) Terpyridines
Lauren M. Hight, Meaghan L. Clark-McGuire, David R. McMillin

Effect of Electrolyte on the Selectivity and Stability of n-type WO3 Photoelectrodes for Solar Water Oxidation Reaction
James Hill and Kyoung-Shin Choi

Formation of H2 from Silane Interactions with Electrophilic Nickel
Alice Hui, Jose Guillermo Andino Martinez, Ken Caulton

Convergent Synthesis of Frechet Azidopoly(benzyl) Ether Dendrons
Greta Jakstonyte, Will Forrest and Tong Ren*

Interwoven Hydrogen Bonding Donor Acceptor Arrays Facilitate Fluorescence Turn-On Detection of Cyanide
Junyong Jo and Dongwhan Lee

Direct and Selective Conversion of Hemicellulose to Furfural from Various Lignocellulosic Biomass Sources
Eurick Kim, Shuo Liu, Dr. Abu-Omar, Dr. Mosier

Increasing graphene's ability to accept electrons by exfoliation
Sachidananda Krishnamurthy

Controlling the Shape and Size of Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Moitree Laskar and Sara E. Skrabalak*

Photochemistry and Photophysics of Carbometalated Pt(II) Polyimine Complexes
Daniel P. Lazzaro and David R. McMillin

Functionalized Azo Dyes to Detect Mercury in Water: Cooperative Interplay between Azo and Ethynyl Ligands
Ho Yong Lee, Junyong Jo, Hyunsoo Park, and Dongwhan Lee*

Exploring Redox Mediated Triggering Mechanisms to Promote Bergman Cyclization of Metalloenediynes   
Sarah E. Lindahl and Jeffrey M. Zaleski

Metal-Containing Conducting Polymers Built on Clathrochelate Metal Complexes: Caged Metal Centers for Interlayer Charge Transport and Electrocatalytic H2 Production
Wenjun Liu, Weijie Huang, Maren Pink, and Dongwhan Lee

Low-Valent Uranium for Oraganometallic Processes: Functionalization of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Disulfide
Ellen M. Matson, Phillip E. Fanwick, and Suzaanne C. Bart

Rh-catalyzed Diastereoselective [3+2+1] Carbocyclization of Alkenylidenecyclopropane with CO: A Density Functional Study
Shivnath Mazumder, and Mu-Hyun Baik* 

Towards the Development of Therapeutics: Bergman Cyclization via σ-Coordinated Metalloenediynes
Meghan R. Mulcrone and Jeffrey M. Zaleski

Azo-Hydrazone Tautomerism - an Intriguing Balance
Andras Olasz, Ho Yong Lee, Xinli Song, Hyunsoo Park, Dongwhan Lee and Mu-Hyun Baik*

SCrALS: Challenging Samples, Straightforward Solution
Allen G. Oliver and Jeanette A. Krause

Probing the Reactive Surface of Porous Materials
Elizabeth A. Opsitnick, Hoyong Lee, Xuan Jiang, and Dongwhan Lee

Synthesis of Branched Gold Nanoparticles
Nancy Ortiz and Sara E. Skrabalak*

Ligand-Centered Mixed-Valency: Tetrazines Bridged by Cu(I)
Kumar Parimal, John G. Goeltz, Shubham Vyas, Jonathan A. Karty1, Christopher M. Hadad, Clifford P. Kubiak, Amar H. Flood*

Catalytic Hydrogenation Reactions of Lignin and Lignin Surrogates
Trenton H. Parsell, Lucas Amundson, Mahdi Abu-Omar

Revealing the outer-sphere two-electron behavior of Pt(tpy)(pip2NCN)+
Balazs Pinter and Mu-Hyun Baik*

Prediction of Allosteric switch involved in the regulation of Copper(I) in Mtb CsoR
Abhigna Polavarapu and Mu-Hyun Baik*

Electrochemical Preparation of p-type Ternary Metal Oxides for Solar Energy Conversion
Carrie Read and Dr. Kyoung-Shin Choi

Electrodeposition of High Surface Area Molybdenum Disulfide for use as a Hydrogen Evolution Catalyst
Morrisa Regis and Kyoung-Shin Choi*

Bis allyl Calcium as a Precursor in the Synthesis of Calcium Amides: Strong Bronsted Bases for Asymmetric Applications
Mounia Sacha, Kenneth W. Henderson*

New Diruthenium(II,III) Compounds with Reactive Terminals
Julia Savchenko, Phillip E. Fanwick and Tong Ren*

Reduced Uranium Complexes with Redox-Active Ligands for Small Molecule Activation
Brian A. Schaefer, Kyle Davis, Ellen M. Matson, Steven J. Kraft, Phillip E. Fanwick, and Suzanne C. Bart*

Improvement of a WO3 Photoanode by Modification with a Cobalt Oxide-Based Oxygen Evolution Catalyst
Jason Seabold and Kyoung-Shin Choi

Self assembly of 2 2 grid complexes from bis(1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridazines and Cu(I)
Andrew I. Share, Lauren Manck, Douglas A. Vander Griend, Amar H. Flood 

Kinetic Modeling of 1-hexene Polymerization with a Zirconium Catalyst System Containing a Salan-Type Tetradentate Ligand
Erin E. Smith, Nicholas Travia, Jeffery Switzer, Silei Xiong, Grigori Medvedev, James Caruthers, W. Nicholas Delgass, Mahdi M. Abu-Omar 

Capture, Store and Discharge. Shuttling Photogenerated Electrons across TiO2-Silver Interface
Azusa Takai, Kazuyuki Kuroda, and Prashant V. Kamat 

Divacent Lacunary Heteropolytungstate [γ-SiW10O34(H2O)2]4- Supported on MCM-41 as Catalysts for Oxygenation of Organic Sulfides
Dylan Thompson 

Three-Coordinate Vanadium(II): Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity
Ba L. Tran, Madhavi Singhal, Hyunsoo Park,  Oanh P. Lam, Maren Pink,  J. Krzystek, Andrew Ozarowski, Joshua Telser,  Karsten Meyer, Daniel J. Mindiola

Chemical Modification of Silicon Surfaces Through Functionalization with Novel Diruthenium Molecules
Jennifer Verduzco, Steven Cummings, Julia Savchenko, Lon Porter, and Tong Ren* 

Diruthenium Amidates As A New Class of Oxygenation Catalysts
Leslie Villalobos and Tong Ren

A Surface Plasmon Resonance Activated Photoreaction on Au Nanoparticles
Joan M. Walker, Linfeng Gou, Sibaprasad Bhattacharyya, and Jeffrey M. Zaleski* 

C-H Abstraction via a Titanium Nitridyl Intermediate
Marlena P. Washington, Ba Tran, Falguni Basuli, John C. Huffmann, Daniel J. Mindiola*  

Lewis Acid Catalyzed Acetalisation of Glycerol with Furfural
Benjamin Wegenhart, Shuo Liu, Mahdi M. Abu-Omar 

Chemical Characterization and Polymer Mimics of Biological Materials From the Seas
James D. White, Cristina R. Matos-Perez, Jeremy R. Burkett, and Jonathan J. Wilker 

Wicker, Benjamin 

Oxidation of Zinc(II) Complexes with Non-innocent Pyridylpyrrolide Ligands
Robert Wolfe, Jaime Flores, Jose Andino, and Kenneth G. Caulton*