The Axelrod Research Group

Laboratory for Chemical Synthesis and Bioorganic Chemistry

Group Meetings

Axelrod Lab Group Meetings – Fall 2020

(DRUG First Floor Conference Room Wednesdays 5:30- 7:30 pm)  



Date                         Person                                Topic

09/23/2020               Bram                                 Problem Set

09/30/2020               Kaif/Jaysan                     OP Practice

10/7/2020                 Kaif                                    OP Practice/

10/14/2020               Jaysan                              OP Practice/

10/21/2020               Hani                                   Research Progress

10/28/2020               Everyone                           Chemistry Roundtable Discussion

11/04/2020               Josh                                   Research Progress

11/11/2020               Zhongdong                       Research Progress

11/18/2020               Andrew                              Research Progress

11/25/2020               Bram                                  Special Topics

12/02/2020               Zach                                   Research Progress

12/09/2020               Bram                                  Problem Set