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11. Eliasen, A.M.; Chin, M.R.; Axelrod, A.J.; Abagyan, R.; Siegel, D. Cascade Reactions Leading to the Mechanism of Action of Vinaxanthone and Xanthofulvin, Natural Products that Drive Nerve Repair. Tetrahedron, 2018, 74, 3238-3245.

10. Brailsford, J.A.*; Stockdill, J.L.*; Axelrod, A.J.*#; Peterson, M.T.; Vadola, P.A.; Johnston, E.V.; Danishefsky, S.J. Total Chemical Synthesis of the b-Subunit of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Enabled by Arginine Tagged Acetamidomethyl Solubilizing Groups. Tetrahedron, 201874, 1951-1956. = co first author, # = corresponding author

9.   Rao, T.D.*; Fernandez-Tejada, A.* Axelrod, A.*; Rosales, N.; Yan, X.; Thapi, S.; Wang, A.; Park, K.J.; Nemieboka, B.; Xiang, J.; Lewis, J.S.; Overa, N.; Levine, D.A.; Dnaishefsky, S.J.; Spriggs, D. Antibodies Against Specific MUC16 Glycosylation Sites Inhibit Ovarian Cancer Growth ACS Chemical Biology, 2017, 12, 2085-2096. * denotes co-first author.

8.   Chin, M.R.; Zlotkowski, K.; Han, M.; Patel, S.; Eliasen, A.M.; Axelrod, A.; Siegel, D. Expedited Access to Vinaxanthone and Chemically Edited Derivatives Possessing Neuronal Regenerative Effects through Ynone Coupling Reactions. ACS Chemical Neuroscience2015, 6, 542-550.

7.   Piasecki, S.K.; Zheng, J.; Axelrod, A.J.; Detelich, M.; Keatinge-Clay, A.T. Structural and Functional Studies of a Trans-acyltransferase Polyketide Synthase Ketoreductase that Performs Both alpha- and beta-ketoreduction. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics201482, 2067-2077.

6.   Gay, D.C.; Gay, G.; Axelrod, A.J.; Jenner, M.; Kohlhaas, C.; Kampa, A.; Oldham, N.J.; Piel, J., Keatinge-Clay, A.T. A Close Look at a Ketosynthase from a Trans-acyltransferase Modular Polyketide Synthase. Structure, 2014, 22, 444-51.

5.   Axelrod, A.; Eliasen, A.M.; Chin, M.R.; Zlotkowski, K.; Siegel, D. Syntheses of Xanthofulvin and Vinaxanthone, Natural Products Enabling Spinal Cord Regeneration. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Int. Eng., 2013, 52, 3421-3424.

4.   Vidal-Gadea, A.; Topper, S.; Young, L.; Kressin, L.; Elbel, E.; Maples, T.; Brauner, M.; Erbguth, K.; Axelrod, A.; Gottschalk, A.; Siegel, D.; Pierce-Shimomura, J.T. C. elegans Selects Distinct Crawling and Swimming Gaits via Dopamine and Serotonin. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA. 2011, 108, (42), 17504-17509.

3.   Yuan, C.; Axelrod, A.; Varela, M.; Danysh, L.; Siegel, D. Synthesis and Reaction of Phthaloyl Peroxide Derivatives, Potential Organocatalysts for the Stereospecific Dihydroxylation of Alkenes. Tetrahedron Lett. 2011, 52, 2540-2542.

2.   Yuan, C.; Chang, C.-T.; Axelrod, A.; Siegel, D. Synthesis of Complanadine A, an Inducer of Neurotrophic Factor Excretion. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, 5924-5925.

1.    Sathyamoorthy, B.; Axelrod, A.; Farwell, V.; Bennett, S.M.; Calitree, B.D.; Benedict, J.B.; Sukumaran, D.K.; Detty, M.R. Novel 21,23-Ditelluraporphyrins and the First 26,28- Ditellurasapphyrin and 30,33- Ditellurarubyrin. Organometallics, 2010, 29, 3431–3441.


3.    Siegel, D.; Chin, M.; Eliasen, A.; Axelrod, A. "Methods of Synthesis of Analogs of Vinaxanthone and Xanthofulvin and Methods of Treatments Using Them.” WO 2015021226 A1 20150212.

2.    Axelrod, A.; Johnson, T.C.; Siegel, D.; Camelio, A.M., Yuan, C.; Eliasen, A. “Cyclic Peroxide Oxidation of Aromatic Compounds Production and Use Thereof.” WO 2014158209 A1 20141002.

1.    Siegel, D.; Eliasen, A.; Chin, M.; Axelrod, A. "Compositions and Methods for Regeneration by Small Molecule Modulation of GPR91." Provisional Patent Application No. 61/863,237.