Al D. Hyde et al.

Department of Chemistry

Purdue University

Al D. Hyde and the Key Tones are a Rock and Roll Band playing 1960s and 1970s songs. The band members are chemical educators. Al D. Hyde and the Key Tones will play one show at the 19th BCCE on Wednesday evening in the Purdue Memorial Union ballroom. Here are the current members of the band who will be at the 19th BCCE although others are needed. Many of these individuals played at the 18th BCCE at Iowa State.

Mark 'AL' Kesson from Ann Arbor, MI. <Kesson@hmpublishing.com> lead guitar, lead vocals, leader of the band, the Al in Al D. Hyde. Works at Hayden-McNeil. Publishing.

Kathy "Kat" Kitzmann from Detroit, MI. <KathyK@MMCA.com>. Keyboard and Back-Up Vocals.

Gabriela Weaver " <gweaver@purdue.edu> guitar and vocals, works at Purdue University

Mark "The Harp" Michalovic <markm@chemheritage.org> Bass Guitar, Harmonica. Works at Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA.

Robert 'Gadget Boy' Gregory <robert.gregory@worldnet.att.net> Keyboard, Fretless Bass Guitar, and Lead Vocals.Works at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IN.

Tom "short fingers" Greenbowe from Ames, Iowa. <tgreenbo@iastate.edu> Rhythm and lead guitar, 12 and 6 string acoustic guitar, background back-up vocals. Usually works at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

David 'WingMan' Wing dwing@crichton.edu Crichton College French horn!!!!!

Darren G. Stoub DSTOUB@Rollins.edu Rollins College Trumpet!!!!!!

Michael "Bleeding Gums" Sanger from Mufreesboro, TN, <mjsanger@mtsu.edu>, Tenor Sax.!!!! (also French horn) Works at Middle Tennessee State University.

Heidi A. Campbell hcampbell@csi.edu Saxaphone!!!! (what type?) College of Southern Idaho

Dick Jones <richard.jones2506@sinclair.edu> trombone!!!!

Tom "Sticks" Kelley from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Drummer and Vocals.<kelley1@hetnet.nl> .

William C. "Bill the Juggler" Deese from Ruston, LA. <wcdeese@latech.edu> Drummer, Precussion Accents, Tamborine

John Pollard <drjua@cox.net> Drums and bass, works at the University of Arizona (does not sing)



Department of Chemistry

Purdue University