Demonstration Descriptions

Department of Chemistry

Purdue University

Demonstrations on Tuesday, August 1

Kathryn Wagner

D1: Voice-activated reaction and how it works

Andrew Cherkas

D2: Stuck on you

Robert Richman

D3: Electrolytic titration

David (Randy) Sullivan

D4: Migrating colors

Robert Gregory

D5: Fun with transparency films: The Rutherford gold foil experiments and beyond

Jeffrey Fieberg

D6: Visualizing the transition state and reaction coordinate

Joanne Wittbrodt

D7: Will olive oil float?

Dean Campbell

D8: Flash ignition of carbon nanotubes

Brian Rohrig

D9: Do flares work underwater?

Adele Mouakad

D10: Kinetics and catalysis

Ed Vitz

D11: Magic sand/magic water

Malka Yayon

D12: As a matter of heat

Kenneth Lyle

D13: Teaching kinetics with the Landolt clock reaction

Mark Ellison

D14: Entropy bomb

Demonstrations on Wednesday, August 2

Bassam Z. Shakhashiri

D15: Chemical demonstrations: Purposes, effectiveness, and when not to do them

Raymond Dudek

D16: Using a liquid prism to demonstrate index of refraction

Susan Hershberger

D17: Using LEDs to demonstrate properties of light

Edward Senkbeil

D18: Fireproof balloon

Doctor DeMento (Jerry DeMenna)

D19: Nutritional label LIES!

Mike Briggs

D20: Macro-level demonstration of equilibrium

Brian Rohrig

D21: Light bulb demos with a forensic twist

Kathryn Wagner

D22: Like dissolves like

Bette Bridges

D23: Instant slush

Jason Hofstein

D24: Approximating the adiabatic expansion of a gas

James Maynard

D25: Scaling a flashy demo



Department of Chemistry

Purdue University