Chicago Area NMR Discussion Group

Chicago Area NMR Discussion Group History

This is the Chicago Area NMR Discussion Group's history since 1970. To view a printable version, click here.




Keynote Speaker


1970 Northwestern Univ. Joe Lambert Adam Allerhand Fourier Transform NMR
1971 Purdue University John Grutzner Jiri Jonas Relaxation Phenomena
1972 Standard Oil Naperville IL Bruce Wenzel Jake Schaefer FT NMR Methods & Problems
1973 University of Illinois at Chicago Circle Ben Bangerter Paul Fagerness
John Markley
Relaxation Times
Protein Proton NMR
1974 G.D. Searle & Co., Chicago Roy Bible David Natusch
Gerhard Closs
Overhauser Effect
Triplet Lifetimes
1975 Notre Dame Kenner Christiansen Eric Oldfield T1 Measurement & Application
1976 Abbott Labs, North Chicago IL Rich Egan Tobin Marks Organometallic NMR
1977 University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign Eric Oldfield Eric Oldfield Superconducting Spectrometers
1978 Amoco Research Center, Naperville Joe Ray (None) 17 local speakers
1979 Upjohn Co., Kalamazoo, MI George Slomp Ed Stejskal Solid-State NMR
1980 Purdue University John Grutzner Joe Lambert Modern Assignment Techniques
1981 Loyola University, Chicago Ken Kopple
David Crumrine
Michael Albright High Resolution Multinuclear NMR of Solids
1982 G.D. Searle & Co., Skokie, IL Roy Bible Hans Post Introduction to NMR Imaging
1983 University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign Eric Oldfield Stan Smith NMR Imaging
1984 Argonne National Labs Robert Botto Nino Yannoni
Laurie Hall
Dave VanderHart
Structure & Dynamics in Organic Solids
Chemical Microscopy
Polymer Fiber Morphology
1985 Northwestern University Joe Lambert Paul Lauterbur Microscopic and Spectroscopic NMR Images
1986 Northwestern University Northwestern NMR Symposium Tobin Marks Gary Maciel (Bax, Lauterbur, Jelinski, Maciel, Oldfield, Ian Smith) MAS for Surface Studies
1987 Abbott Labs Rich Stephens Gerhard Wagner
Joe Ackerman
Ed Stejskal
Use of Heteronuclear Experiments for the Analysis of Protein Structure
Metabolic Pathways and Blood Flow by NMR in Situ
Solid State NMR of Macromolecules and Metabolism
1988 Loyola University, Chicago David Crumrine Adam Allerhand
Bob Bryant
C-13 and P-31 Ultra High Resolution NMR
Magnetic Relaxation in Solids and Liquids
1989 University of Illinois, Chicago Cynthia Jameson Dennis Torchia Assignment, Structure, and Dynamics of Staphylococcal Nuclease
1990 Upjohn Co., Kalamazoo, MI Paul Fagerness Ad Bax
Bernie Gerstein
Mark Conradi
Multinuclear NMR of Proteins
Multiple Quantum Coherence in Dipolar Coupled Solids
Cross Relaxation Experiments in Metal Hydrides
1991 G.D. Searle Co. Skokie IL Roy Bible Naresh Sethi
Jiri Jonas
Merrill Nuss
NMR in Rotating Solids
Dynamics of Fluids in Confined Geometries MRI and In-vivo Spectroscopy in the Pharmaceutical Industry
1992 Notre Dame Tony Serianni Bernhard Blümich
David LeMaster
NMR Imaging of Solid Polymers: Methods and Applications
Assignment and Dynamics of Proteins Using Alternating Carbon Enrichment
1993 Amoco Research Center, Naperville IL Joe Ray Lucio Frydman
Thatcher Root
Colin Fyfe
Non-Cartesian Sampling Schemes in Multidimensional NMR
Deuterium NMR Studies of Acid Sites in Zeolites Background and Examples of NMR Microscopy
1994 Purdue University (IUPUI) John Grutzner (B.D.N.Rao) Adam Allerhand
Mike Melchior
Reminiscing by an Old F..t Silicon/Aluminum Ordering and Zeolite Chemistry
(Biochemical NMR Symposium)
1995 Baxter Healthcare, Deerfield IL Walter Smith Kurt Wüthrich Recent Advances in NMR Structure Determination of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
1996 University of Illinois at Chicago Cynthia Jameson & Lucio Frydman Alex Pines Born in ‘45
1997 Argonne National Labs, Argonne IL Robert Botto Jim Prestegard
Paul Lauterbur
Kurt Zilm
Measurement of Dipolar Couplings in Field Oriented Systems: Experimental Hazards and Structural Potential NMR Microscopy: Up, Down, and Sideways
Solids NMR of Uniformly C-13 Labeled Macromolecular Building Block: Assignment Strategies and Problems at High Fields
1998 Northwestern University Ed Rivera
Joe Lambert
Gary Drobny Solid State NMR Methods for the Study of Biomaterials
1999 Searle Co. Roy Bible Melinda Duer
Harry Dorn
Multiple Quantum NMR for the Study of Dipolar Couplings Between Quadrupolar Nuclei
Magnetic Resonance Studies of Empty-Cage and Metal Encapsulated Fullerenes
2000 University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign Vera Mainz Jonathan Sweedler
A.J. Shaka
Lucio Frydman
Small Volume NMR for Mass Limited Samples Extracting the Most Information from your NMR Experiments: Recent Work with the Filter Diagonalization Method
NMR Experiments on Spinning and Static Samples: Something Old, Something New
2001 Abbott Labs, Abbott Park, IL Steve Hollis
Milt Levenburg
Ann McDermott
Mike Summers
A Dymanic View of Enzyme Function: Solid State NMR Studies of TIM and other Protein
, New Insights into Retroviral Genome Recognition and Packaging
2002 Notre Dame Bradley Smith
Tony Serianni
Nico Tjandra
Charles Johnson
Mike Shapiro
Recent Advances in High Resolution NMR to Study Protein Structure and Dynamics
Why Chemists Need to make Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Diffusion Measurements
Epitope Mapping of Ligand-Target Interaction by NMR
2003 BP Naperville Complex Steve McKenna Peter Rinaldi
Lewis Kay
Multidimensional NMR Studies of Synthetic Macromolecule
, Looking Towards the Future with New NMR Probes of Protein Structure and Dynamics
2004 Loyola University, Chicago David Crumrine Art Palmer
Ruth Stark
New Approaches for Characterizing MicrosecondMillisecond Timescale Dynamics in Proteins NMR Structural Studies of Intractable Plant Biopolymers
2005 Abbott Labs, Abbott Park, IL David Whittern David Grant
Art Pardi
Combined Solid State NMR and Powder Diffraction Study of Natural Products. Synergism Provides a Method for Molecular X-Ray Structural Analysis
Structure and Dynamics of RNA and Protein-RNA Systems
2006 University of Wisconsin, Madison Tom Stringfellow Mark Conradi
Jeremy Nicholson
Restricted Diffusion of Gases in Lungs Statistical Spectroscopy in Top-Down Systems Biology: From Personalized Healthcare to Molecular Epidemiology
2007 Argonne National Labs, Argonne IL Rex Gerald II Ed Samulski
David Weliky
Insights into Structure and Symmetry of Liquid Crystals via Deuterium NMR, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of: (1) Viral Fusion Peptides and Proteins and (2) High Temperature Metal Chalcophosphate Syntheses
2008 Washington University, St. Louis MO Sophia Hayes Lucio Frydman Citius, Altius and Fortis - at the Interface of NMR, MRI and EPR
2009 Baxter Healthcare, Deerfield IL Joe Ray
Christina Szabo
J. Prestegard
Cynthia Larive
New Assignment Strategies for Large and Glycosylated Proteins
Adventures in Mixture Analysis by NMR.
2010 University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign Chad Rienstra Len Mueller
Hashim Al-Hashimi
Solid-State NMR as a Probe of Protein Structure and Function
3D Atomic Resolution Visualization of Nucleic Acid Dynamics by NMR.
2011 Baxter Healthcare, Round Lake IL Joe Ray
Christina Szabo
Daron Freedberg
Bob Griffin
Klaus Schmidt-Rohr
NMR of Carbohydrates On & Off Cells Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at High Magnetic Fields
Spectral Editing in Solid State 13C NMR: Analysis of Complex Organic Matter and Nanocrystal Bound Citrate in Bone.
2012 Purdue University John Grutzner Ed Olejniczak
Robert Tycko
Cancer Drug Discovery Using Fragment Based Approaches and Structure Based Design
Biomolecular Solid State NMR with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at Very Low Temperatures
2013 TCS Conference Center at Argonne National Lab John V. Muntean Ad Bax
Chris Jaroniec
Rod Wasylishen
“Homonuclear decoupling and residual dipolar coupling: How they can help us study folded and intrinsically disordered proteins”
”Solid-state NMR structural studies of proteins using paramagnetic probes”
“Progress in studying protons in transition metal hydrides and quadrupolar nuclei in solid materials.”
2014 Northwestern University Ishwar Radhakrishnan Charalampos (Babis) Kalodimos
Gianluigi Veglia
Molecular Chaperones in Action
Solid-State NMR of Membrane Protein Complexes
2015 AbbVie, Inc. Ian Marsden Rafael Brüschweiler
Katherine Henzler-Wildman
Eric Munson
“NMR of Complex Biomolecular Systems: from Allostery of Glucokinase to the Analysis of Metabolomics Mixtures”
“(A)Symmetry and Exchange: Testing the Multidrug Transport Mechanism of EmrE”
"Solid-State NMR Studies of Pharmaceuticals"






Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc.





Brian Volkman (MCW)





Jeffrey C. Hoch

Richard Kriwacki

Tatyana Polenova



“Beyond Fourier”

“Phase Separation in Biology: Insights into Mechanism from NMR”

“Structure and Dynamics of HIV1 Protein Assemblies by Integrated MAS NMR, MD, and Density Functional Theory”




Pfizer Lake Forest Campus



Edward Zartler



Song-I Han

Andy Byrd


“The Effect of Spin Dynamics in Dynamic Nuclear Polarization”

“Allostery and Dynamics Create Processivity in Ubiquitanation”




Univ. of Wisconsin



John Markley and Katherine Henzler-Wildman


Ann McDermott

Frank Delaglio


“Protein Dynamics and Cellular Signaling: Studies by Solid State NMR”

“Characterization of Biotherapeutics by Chemometric and Machine Learning Analysis of NMR Spectra”