Chicago Area NMR Discussion Group

2019 CANMRDG Poster Session

University of Wisconsin-Madison
November 2, 2019

 (This list is not yet final; there may be additions.)

 John Aguirre, Marquette University
“NMR Analysis of T-loop RNA Motifs That Perform Shape Recognition of the tRNA Elbow”

Dr. Kumaran Baskaran, University of Wisconsin – Madison
“BMRB Data Visualization Tools”

Mr. Scott Carnahan, Iowa State Univ. Chemistry
“High-field Magic Angle Spinning Dynamic Nuclear Polarization using Radicals Created by γ-irradiation”

Nicolas Daffern, Northwestern University
‘Conformation and Dynamics of the Orphan Nuclear Receptor Ftz-F1”

Ms. Acacia Dishman, Medical College of Wisconsin           
“Structure-Function Relationships in the Metamorphic Chemokine XCL1”

Dr. Hamid R. Eghbalnia, University of Wisconsin – Madison
“Bayesian Methods in NMR”

Dr. John Egner, Medical College of Wisconsin
“Structural Studies of Human Fis1 Reveals a Dynamic Region Important for Drp1 Recruitment and Mitochondrial Fission”

Prof. Jeffrey Hoch, UConn Health                  
“NMRbox: National Center for Biomolecular NMR Data Processing and Analysis”

Dr. Vilius Kurauskas, University of Wisconsin – Madison
“Structural Investigation of NaK Ion Channel in Bicelles”

Dr. Josh Kurutz, University of Chicago           
“Using Arts and Crafts to Teach NMR and Improve Facility Operations”

Dr. Woonghee Lee, University of Wisconsin - Madison     
“Automation and Visualization Tools in Protein NMR Spectroscopy”

Agnieszka Lewandowska, Univ. of Illinois Urbana – Chamaign
“The Functional Amphotericin B Sponge is Composed of Highly Structured Asymmetric Head-to-Tail Homodimers”

Adam Lewis, University of Wisconsin – Madison
“Measurement of Selectivity Filter Dynamics in NaK Channel Variants by Solution NMR Spectroscopy”

Alexander Malooley, University of Illinois at Chicago
“Micelle-bound pro-Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Contains a Carboxy-terminal Helical Segment”

Bhagya Mendis, University of Illinois at Chicago     
“Solution State NMR Structure of Influenza A virus Matrix Protein 1- C Domain in DPC Micelles at Low Ph”

Prof. Emma Morrison, Medical College of Wisconsin        
“Histone H3 Tail Conformation Senses Nucleosome Assembly State”

Zhiqiang Pei, Northwestern University
“NMR Study of Lipidic Peptide Self-Assembly Nanostructures and Carbon Dioxide Capture”

Corinne Price, Univ. of Illinois Urbana – Champaign
“Crucial Interactions for Amphotericin B Sterol Specificity Revealed by SSNMR”

Prof. Nicholas Reiter, Marquette University
“A Combined NMR/SHAPE Analysis of the Secondary Structure of a Conserved Region of the HOTAIR RNA”

Dr. Pedro Romero, University of Wisconsin Madison        
“BioMagResBank: Database and Tools for NMR Metabolomics Analysis”

Peyton Spreacker, University of Wisconsin - Madison       
“Functional Phenotyping of EmrE, a Small Multidrug Resistance Transporter, Reveals a New Substrate”

Nathan Thomas, University of Wisconsin-Madison            
“Characterization of Dynamics Mutants of the Multidrug Transporter EmrE”

Maple Wang, Pfizer, St. Louis
“Characterization of Protein Deamidation by NMR”