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Atomic Orbitals

What Is An Atomic Orbital?

The 1s, 2s and 3s Orbitals

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Hybrid Orbitals

What Is A Hybrid Orbital?

The sp, sp2 and sp3 Hybrid Orbitals





What Is A Hybrid Orbital?


Hybrid orbitals

bulletare a type of atomic orbital that results when two or more atomic orbitals of an isolated atom mix (the number of hybrid orbitals on a covalently bonded atom is equal to the number of atomic orbitals used to form the hybrid orbitals),
bulletare used to describe the orbitals in covalently bonded atoms (hybrid orbitals do not exist in isolated atoms),
bullethave shapes and orientations that are very different from those of atomic orbitals in isolated atoms,
bulletin a set are equivalent, and form identical bonds (when the bonds are to a set of identical atoms), and
bulletare usually involved in sigma bonds in polyatomic molecules; pi bonds usually involve the overlap of unhybridized orbitals.