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Atomic Orbitals

What Is An Atomic Orbital?

The 1s, 2s and 3s Orbitals

The 2p and 3p Orbitals

The 3d Orbitals

Hybrid Orbitals

What Is A Hybrid Orbital?

The sp, sp2 and sp3 Hybrid Orbitals





Atomic Orbitals


Welcome to Atomic Orbitals! This site was established as part of an (ongoing) project at Purdue University to develop "visualization modules" for general chemistry students.

The Chime plugin (MDL Information Systems, Inc., Version 2.0 or higher) is required to view the orbitals. JavaScript also needs to be enabled in your web browser.

Some of the pages include (blue) links to glossary entries. Clicking on one of these links will load the glossary entry into a small "pop-up" window.


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