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Analytical & Physical Organic Chemistry

Group Photos

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Alumni Graduated in 2005
2013 ASM Group
2013 ASM Group
ASMS in Philadelphia Chinatown
ASMS 2010 with Dr. McLafferty
ASMS 2011
ASMS - lab mates getting ready to take on some daring feats
ASMS Group Together
Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016
Lab Holiday party at Hilkka’s house 2016
Lab Holiday party at Hilkka’s house 2016
Christmas 2004
Christmas 2005
Fanny with the MuShield's
Farewell Party
Dave putting in the Fiberless LIAD probe
Friday night football: Purdue vs. Ohio 2017
GIB (Flowing Afterglow MS) Crew
HAL's Farewell
Halloween Party 2005
Hilkka Kenttämaa named the Frank Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Duan feeding Hilkka’s horse Buddy and Silver a treat 2016
Hilkka’s horses Buddy and Silver
The new NEZ
Jeremy works with GenTech to get us a new Orbitrap to replace ZEN with the new NEZ.
Josh’s wedding 7/24/2017
Christmas 2017
Lab lunch after instrument maintenance and chemical inventory 2017.
Laser people
LIAD and Luis
Fiberless LIAD and Ryan
LIL (New LC MS) Installation
Visit to Merck on October 23, 2017
Photobooth at ASMS 2018
Road trip to Tribologik Corporation in Indiana, 2016
Dressed up as Santa
Welcome Summer Students!
Team Laser! 2017
TSQ (Triple Quadrupole MS) Crew
TWIN maintenance
TWIN maintenance
Working Too Hard!
Christmas 2010
2009 group picture