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Hrycyna Lab Fall 2016 Purdue P
2016 SURF Award for Sahej with graduate mentor, Amy
Erh-Ting Hsu teaches CHEM 129
Alex on the cover of the CHEM 129 Manual
Hrycyna & Lyon Labs at Camila's 2nd Birthday with Laura Mendoza
Erh-Ting, Anna, & Chelsea at FASEB 2017
Canoeing at FASEB 2017 with Susan Michaelis
2017 Cookie Exchange
32nd National Iota Sigma Pi Convention in Indianapolis, 2017
Hrycyna & Lyon Labs for Laura's Birthday, 2017
Eating Lobster at FASEB 2017
Elias, Chelsea, and Anna painting the break room
Anna rides a tricycle at Argonne
FASEB 2017
Lab outing at Sgt. Preston's