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The Quantum Condition Space



The fundamental properties of quantum physics are exploited to evaluate event probabilities with projection measurements. Next, to study what events can be specified by quantum methods, the concept of the condition space is introduced, which is found to be the dual space of the classical outcome space of bit strings. Like the classical outcome space generates the quantum state space, the condition space generates the quantum condition
space being the central idea of this work. The quantum condition space permits the existence of entangled conditions having no classical equivalent. In addition, the quantum condition space is related to the quantum state
space by a Fourier transform guaranteed by the Pontryagin duality, and therefore an entropic uncertainty principle can be defined. The quantum condition space offers a novel perspective of understanding quantum states with the duality picture. Furthermore, the quantum conditions have physical meanings and realizations of their own and thus may be studied for purposes beyond the original motivation of characterizing events for probability evaluation. Finally, the relation between the condition space and quantum circuits provides insights into how quantum states are collectively modified by quantum gates, which may lead to deeper understanding of the complexity of quantum circuits.


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Figure: Our research on Quantum COndition Space made it to the cover picture of Advance Quantum Technology

The Quantum Condition Space
Zixuan Hu and Sabre Kais
Adv. Quantum Technol. 2022, 2100 158 DOI: 10.1002/qute.202100158
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