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Recent Media Coverage

Jon's comment on a bioglue developed in MIT was featured in Nature - "Bioglue breakthrough"

Our soybean oil system was featured in No-Till Farmer - "Soybean Glue Could Build Your Pickup One Day"
Featured in SCI: where science meets business. Issue 1, 2022: Mussel Power

Another of adhesive is system is commercially available through gluECO:

Jon Wilker was featured in Take 6 by Purdue Research Foundation

Featured in Composites World: "Drawing design cues from nature: Designing for biomimetic composites, Part 1"

Purdue Research Foundation News Press Releases:

  • "A sticky subject: Studying shellfish for advanced adhesives" Link
  • "Shellfish inspire chemists to develop new stronger, more sustainable glues" Link

WFYI Indianapolis: Purdue Researchers Studying Shellfish To Create Sustainable Adhesives
Slash Gear: Chemists turn to shellfish for inspiration to create better adhesives

Jon was interviewed by The Native Influence in 2020. 


Our paper on how weak bonds enhance toughness was highlighted in some recent media outlets: 


Our biomimetic adhesive made it to the market:

"Chemistry startup ready to take unique Purdue adhesive technology to the market"


Our paper on iron availability and marine mussels glue performance was highlighted in some recent media outlets: 

Our lab work was featured in some recent TV News outlets:

Featured on Futureproof in Ireland, on Newstalk radio
"Futureproof Extra: Sticky Sea Creatures"


Featured by Curiosityness podcast
"Sea Creatures Teach us How to Make Glue & It’s More Interesting Than You Think!"


Chemistry World highlighted our most recent JACS paper
"Cooking chemistry has a taste for making glue"


Purdue Research Foundation News Press Releases:

  • "Cooking chemistry minus heat equals new non-toxic adhesive" Link
  • "Your food may help make stickier, safer glues for laptops, packaging, furniture" Link

Featured by the Adhesives and Sealants Council (ASC) on Adhesives.com
"Learning from Oysters: Not One, but Two Adhesives"

Mentioned on Assembly Magazine
"Research on Oysters May Someday Yield New Assembly Adhesive"

Featured on WISH TV News Channel 8 in Indianapolis
"Purdue researchers create new glue mimicked after sea creatures"

Our Research was featured in Popular Science Magazine
"Your guide to the practical uses of hagfish slime, glowworm glue and other animal goo"

Design, technology and science website Gizmodo highlighted one of our latest articles
"Scientists Made the Perfect Underwater Glue by Stealing an Idea from Shellfish"

Nature highlighted our work with underwater adhesives
"A super-strong underwater glue"

C&EN highlighted the antifouling properties of our coatings
"Antioxidant coating could help reduce marine biofouling"

Allure Magazine highlighted the potential use of our bio-inspired adhesives in the cosmetic industry
Allure Magazine 25th Anniversary Issue
March 2016 

Wired Magazine highlighted the biomedical applications of our work
"Mussels’ Sticky Secretions Make for Super-Strong Adhesives"

Popular Science Magazine highlighted the impact of our work
"Glue with more mussel - The power of the mollusk"

Nature featured an outlook article highlighting work from our lab.
"Polymers: Secrets from the Deep Sea"
Andrew R. Scott.
Nature 2014, Volume 519, S12-S13

Wired Magazine highlighted some presentations from the 2013 PopTech conference and included one from our lab.
"Watch the the Best of PopTech, the TED for Real Thinkers"

Fast Company profiled research in our laboratory
"One Day We'll Fix Everything With Glues Copied from Mussels, Oysters, and Barnacles"

National Public Radio's Morning Edition aired a story describing research in our lab, March 2013.
"Why a Hoosier State Scientist is Stuck on Oysters"
Click here to listen

"The Sticking Point"
Article in Nature Medicine about research on the next generation of surgical adhesives.

Article by Elie Dolgin, Nature Medicine. 19, 124-125 (2013)

Jon Wilker joins other ACS members on a trip to Washington for congressional visits on the issue of research funding

Article by Linda Wang, Chemical and Engineering News. Vol 90, Issue 22 p. 55

Profile of our research and Jon Wilker. Part of the "Profiles of 21st Century Chemists" series
Chemistry Now, produced by NBCLearn
To watch the video click here, then click "Glue With Mussels"

A Livescience interview of Jon Wilker, discussing research and what it is like to be a scientist.

Former graduate student Trinity Horton was profiled in Chemical and Engineering News. (August 2010) - ACS Scholars

Jon Wilker discusses oyster cement on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. Listen to the interview here.

Our paper on oyster cement was highlighted in some recent media outlets. (August 2010)

The New York Times ran a story on the research of marine bioadhesives. (April 2010) - Studying Sea Life for a Glue That Mends People

Scientific American (October 2009) - Scabby Knaves: Barnacles Bind to Ships Using Clotlike Glue

The Splendid Table, produced by American Public Media (August 2009) - Shellfish on Teflon

Science Daily (March 2009) - Shellfish And Inkjet Printers May Hold Key To Faster Healing From Surgeries

Wired (March 2009) - Mussels' Sticky Feet Hold Clues to New Glues

ZDNet (March 2009) - Mussel "glue" and inkjet printers may make for faster healing from surgeries

Purdue University's newspaper, The Exponent (January 2009) - Professor Researches Sea Creatures in Hope of Creating Medical Glue

Radio and Television Interviews

History Channel, "Modern Marvels: Glue," featured a segment on our lab including an interview with Professor Wilker.

ABC TV News, broadcast nationally. (March 2004)

Press Releases

National Science Foundation - Chemists Crack Secrets of Nature's Super Glue

Purdue University - Purdue Chemist 'Mussels' in on Secrets of Natural Adhesives

Newspaper Articles

Los Angeles Times - Key to Mussel 'Glue' Is Found to Be Iron

Baltimore Sun - Grasping Mussel Stick-to-itiveness

Cape Argus (South Africa) - Iron Key to Mussel Glue

Die Welt (Germany) - Eisen aus dem Meer lässt Muscheln fest auf Felsen haften

The Hindu (India) - Aquatic Mussels and Improved Adhesives


EurekAlert's Top 10 science stories of 2004 - Chemists Crack Secrets of Nature's Super Glue [see the top 10 list here]

NewsWise - Chemist 'Mussels' in on Secrets of Natural Adhesives

Science Daily - Chemists Crack Secrets Of Nature's Super Glue

Dive News - Purdue Scuba-Diving Chemist Finds Iron is a Key Ingredient in Mussel Adhesive

Science Blog - Researchers Crack Secrets of Nature's Super Glue

Slashdot.org - Chemists Crack Secrets of Mussels' Super Glue

Wissenschaft Online - Warum die miesen Muscheln nicht loslassen

ScienCentral - Surgery Glue

A to Z of materials - Mussels and natural adhesives

Journals and Magazines

Nature - Superglue from the Sea

Scientific American - Chemists Identify Key Ingredient of Natural 'Superglue'

Science News - Gooey Secrets of Mussel Power

Business Week - What's The Sticky Secret Of Mussels?

Chemical and Engineering News printed a short piece describing our work on marine adhesives. Click here to view the article. (July 2002).