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Jon Wilker, Research Advisor
Email: wilker

(all email domains are: at purdue . edu)


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Alex Lancelot
email: alancelo


Aishwarya Menon
email: menon54
Co-Advisor: Dr. Julie Liu

Graduate students


Bradley McGill
email: mcgillb


Jennifer M. García Rodríguez
email: garciar1


Clayton Westerman
email: westerc


Mitchell E. Meger
email: mmeger


Cindy L. Atencio-Martínez
email: catenci


Nevin Naren
email: naren


Cristian A. Blanco-Combariza
email: cblancoc











Undergraduate Students

Morgan Heidingsfelder
email: mheiding
Shawn Belongia
email: sbelongi

Alumni Members

Postdocs and Visiting Scientists

Tuhin Subhra Pal, SERB Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - graduate student at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 

Dr. Stephen Taylor, postdoc 2011-2012 - scientist at Shepherd Chemical

Harold McCarron, visiting 2010 - instructor at University of Southern Indiana

Hyung Joon Cha, visiting 2007 - associate professor at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea

Dr. Glenn Westwood, postdoc 2004-2006 - Mallinckrodt Baker, Phillipsburg, NJ

Dr. Jennifer Monahan, postdoc 2001-2003 - assistant professor at St. Louis University, MO


Graduate students

Bradley McGill, PhD 2022

Taylor A. Jones, PhD 2020 - research and development scientist 

Amelia Putnam, PhD 2020 - NRC Research Associate at the Air Force Research Laboratory

S. Lee Huntington, PhD 2020 - scientist at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division 

Heather Siebert, PhD 2019 - scientist at EAG Laboratories (Eurofins Materials Science), Maryland Heights, MO

Andrés Tibabuzo, PhD 2019 - postdoc at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Natalie Hamada, PhD 2018 - research associate at the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy at McMaster University

Michael Mazzotta, PhD 2017 - postdoc at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Shannon Daily, MS 2017

Michael North, PhD 2016 - scientist at Colgate-Palmolive Company

Chelsey Del Grosso, PhD 2016 - postdoc at Delft University of Technology

Michael Johnston, PhD 2015 - advanced materials engineer at Southern Research

Erik Alberts, PhD 2015 - US Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Jessica Román, PhD 2015 - senior member of technical staff at Sandia National Labs

Cori Jenkins, PhD 2015 - Postdoc at Caltech, now assistant professor of chemistry at Ball State University

Heather Meredith, PhD 2015 - materials engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Cristina Matos-Perez, PhD 2011 - scientist at BASF

James White, PhD 2010 - postdoc at Tufts University

Jeremy Burkett, PhD 2010 - assistant professor at University of Great Falls, MT

Mildred Rodriguez, PhD 2009 - scientist at Gilead

Joshua Cloud, MS 2009 - Alkermes, OH

Jessi Fautch, PhD 2008 - assistant professor at York College, PA

Sarah Gentry, MS 2007 - Genzyme, Boston, MA

Megan Knagge, PhD 2007 - science writer in North Carolina

Steve Howell, MS 2006 - grad student in Sport Management and Economics at Purdue University

Trinity Horton, MS 2005 - Celanese, TX

Beth Hamilton, PhD 2005 - scientist at Monsanto, St. Louis, MO

Mary Sever, PhD 2005 - assistant professor at Barnard College, NY

Jamie Weisser, MS 2005 - Central Regional Crime Lab, Phoenix, AZ


Research Technicians

Thomas McCarthy, BS 2010 - graduate student at Penn State

Chris Clark - graduate student in chemistry at Purdue University



Ashley Nguyen, SURF intern

Yamil Adorno, BS 2021

John Sloan, BS 2021

Elizabeth R Nichols, BS 2021

Ian Bretz

Natalie Renfro, BS 2020

Michael Lengel, BS 2019

Ai Jennifer Kobayashi

Narelli Narcisso, SURF intern

Dominic Sanchez

Courtney Yonkers

Peter Stark

Nicolás M. Morato Gutiérrez, SURF intern, graduate student at Purdue University

Jennifer M. García Rodríguez, SROP intern - graduate student at Purdue University

Victor Roman

Jenna DeSousa, BS 2015 - graduate student at Vanderbilt University, TN

Gwendolyn Snyder, BS 2015

Katherine Allemeier, BS 2015 - applying to graduate schools for Fall 2016

Stephanie Edwards, BS 2012 - scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kevin Chang, BS 2012 - graduate student at Ohio State

Robert Clegg, BS 2011 - scientist at BASi

Alison Mattes, BS 2009 - Henkel, Milwaukee, WI

Josh Calvert

Greg Doddridge - Eli Lilly

Katie Renouf - graduate student at University of St. Andres, Scotland

Michael Dowd - graduate student at University of California-San Diego, CA

Jonathan Gortat, BS 2002 - Purdue Research Foundation

Ellie Hattery - U.S. Air Force

Lauren Hight, SURF intern - graduate student at Purdue University

Dana Holcomb, BS 2004 - post doc at Boston University, MA

Alex Huang

Marcus Lee - the Peace Corps

Dave Linson, BS 2000 - Eli Lilly

Tiffany Mills

Iren Mungo - medical school

Brian Neel - graduate student in psychology at University of Chicago, IL

Shara Pettit (now Compton), BS 2004 - visiting assistant professor, Roosevelt University

Jesica Ryczko

Andrew Shrum

Hailey Stowe, BS 2002 - Pharmicia, Skokie, IL

Mike Walls, BS 2002 - E-Ink