Discovery at the interface of organic chemistry, nanoscale materials, and living systems

Welcome to the Wei Research Group webpage! Our mission is to develop molecular and nanoscale systems with unique physical properties or biological functions. Organic and materials synthesis offer a powerful and creative synergy for addressing problems of fundamental scientific importance and technological impact.

Wei Research Group - August 2021

Wei Research Group 2019

Wei group showing off their sparkling new lab coats!

Back row: Khomid Kholikov, Alex Wei, Yuichiro Watanabe

Middle row: Benjamin Washer, Aiga Yermembetova, Bingyuan Zhao, Badhu Sivasubramaniam, Sally Feng

Front row: Ramazan Oduncu, Sebastian Calderon, Jake Wilkinson, Qi Wang

We gratefully acknowledge our past and present research sponsors:

ACS-PRF U.S. Army National Cancer Institute National Institutes of Health NSFPurdue University Center for Cancer Research

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