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Research Projects in the Wei Group

Nanotechnology, cancer, & nanomedicineNano-manufacturing and low-cost sensorsSustainable synthesisSustainable synthesisfunctional surfaces for pathogen detection & targetingfunctional surfaces for pathogen detection & targeting
Nanoparticles for drug delivery & biological imaging Nano-manufacturing & low-cost sensors Sustainable chemistries & biorenewable materials Pathogen detection & targeted photodynamic therapy

Our group uses a multidisciplinary approach to design synthetic interfaces that drive new directions in materials science, the life sciences, and sometimes both. Every group member develops a personalized set of core expertises, selected from a wide range of research tools including: organic and nanomaterials synthesis, surface chemistry and analysis, electron and optical microscopy, cell and microbiological lab techniques, biomolecular technology, and scalable processing equipment. Several of our projects feature unusual or unique tools for chemical and materials synthesis, some which have been created with the assistance of the Jonathan Amy Facility for Chemical Instrumentation. others which reside in the Birck Nanotechnology Center in nearby Discovery Park. Our research is also highly collaborative with frequent interactions between many research groups on campus, providing even more opportunities to expand one's horizons.

Currently active projects are listed above; some of our earlier projects are described below.

Plasmonicsself-assembly & growth of magnetic nanoringssynthetic glycans & glycomimetricscalixarene-encapsulated nanoparticles
Plasmonic nanostructures Self-assembly & growth of magnetic nanorings Synthetic glycans & glyconimetics Calixarene-encapsulated nanoparticles