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Manuscripts in preparation/submission:

  • Sivasubramaniam, B.; Washer, B. M.; Watanabe, Y.; Ragheb, K.; Robinson, J.-P.; Wei, A. Photodynamic Inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus with Non-iron Hemin Analogs in the Presence of Hydrogen Peroxide. Manuscript in preparation.

  • Zhao, B.; Wei, A. “Radiation-tolerant thin-film reference electrodes and potentiometric sensors.” Manuscript in preparation.
  • Washer, B.; Watanabe, Y.; Haghiri, S.; Zeller, M.; Zemlyanov, D. Y.; Slipchenko, L.; Wei, A. Stimuli-Responsive Luminescence from Tetranuclear Cu(I)–Pyrazolate Clusters: Polymorphic Control via Long-Range Steric Effects. Manuscript in preparation.

Peer-reviewed publications:

  1. Alam, S. M. S.; Watanabe, Y.; Steeno, B. L.; Dutta, S.; Szilagyi, H.; Wei, A.; Suter, D. M. Neuronal NADPH oxidase is required for neurite regeneration of Aplysia bag neurons. J. Neurochem. 2023, 167, 505-519.

  2. Mavlan, M.; Chang, T.; Feng, R.; Wilkinson, J. R.; Nicholas, R. J.; Idahagbon, N. B.; Youngblood, J. P.; Wei, A. Mechanochemical Esterification of Cellulose Nanofibers Lyophilized From Eutectic Water–tert-Butanol Mixtures. Cellulose 2023, 30, 8805–17.

  3. Oduncu, M. R.; Ke, Z.; Zhao, B.; Shang, Z.; Simpson, R.; Wang, H.; Wei, A. Exfoliation and Spray Deposition of Graphene Nanoplatelets in Ethyl Acetate and Acetone: Implications for Additive Manufacturing of Low-Cost Electrodes and Heat Sinks. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2023, 6, 14574–82.

  4. Wang, Q.; Shang, Z.; Wang, H.; Wei. A. Electro- and photoactivation of silver–iron oxide particles as magnetically recyclable catalysts for cross-coupling reactions. Nanoscale 2023, 15, 507482.

  5. Saha, A., et al. A New Paradigm of Reliable Sensing with Field-deployed Electrochemical Sensors Integrating Data Redundancy and Source Credibility. Sci. Rep. 2023, 13, 3031.

  6. Yermembetova, A.; Oduncu, M. R.; Wei, A. Radiation-tolerant thin-film electrodes for pH monitoring in sterile media. Anal. Chem. 2022, 94, 15535–40.

  7. Saha, A., et al. Temperature Self-Calibration of Always-On, Field-Deployed Ion-Selective Electrodes Based on Differential Voltage Measurement. ACS Sens. 2022, 7, 2661–70.

  8. Watanabe, Y.; Washer, B. M.; Zeller, M.; Savikhin, S.; Slipchenko, L.; Wei, A. Copper(I)‒Pyrazolate Complexes as Solid-State Phosphors: Deep-Blue Emission via a Remote Steric Effect. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022, 144, 10186–92. [Cover art]

  9. Lin, J.; Liu, R.; Zhu, X.; Wei, A.; Xu, X.; He, T.; Cheng, J.; Li, Y. Chiroptical Transitions of Enantiomeric Ligand-activated Nickel Oxides. Small 2022, 18, 2107570.

  10. Jin, X., et al. Steady-State and Transient Performance of Ion-Sensitive Electrodes Suitable for Wearable and Implantable Electrochemical Sensing. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. 2022, 69, 96‒107.

  11. Ulloa, A. M.; Glassmaker, N.; Oduncu, M. R.; Xu, P.; Wei, A.; Cakmak, M.; Stanciu, L. Roll-to-Roll Manufactured Sensors for Nitroaromatic Organophosphorus Pesticides Detection. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 35961‒71.

  12. Lin, L.-K., et al. Antidelaminating, Thermally Stable, and Cost-Effective Flexible Kapton Platforms for Nitrate Sensors, Mercury Aptasensors, Protein Sensors, and p-Type Organic Thin-Film Transistors. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 11369‒84 [Article Link]

  13. Chen, W. Y.-Y.; Yermembetova, A.; Washer, B. M.; Jiang, X.F.; Shuvo, S. N.; Peroulis, D.; Wei, A.; Stanciu, L. A. Selective Detection of Ethylene Using Conductive MoS2–Carbon Nanotube Composites Coated with Cu(I)–Pincer Complexes. ACS Sens. 2020, 5, 1699−706.

  14. Morales-de-Echegaray, A. V.; Lin. L.; Sivasubramaniam, B.; Yermembetova, A.; Wang, Q.; Abutaleb, N. S.; Seleem, M. N.; Wei, A. Antimicrobial Photodynamic Activity of Gallium-Substituted Haemoglobin on Silver Nanoparticles. Nanoscale 2020, 12, 21734‒42.

  15. Xu, X. H.; Dutta, A.; Khurgin, J.; Wei, A.; Shalaev, V.; Boltasseva, A. TiN Core–Shell Nanoparticles as Plasmon-Enhanced Photosensitizers: The Role of Hot Electron Injection. Laser Photon. Rev. 2020, 14, 1900376. [outside back cover]

  16. Watanabe, Y.; Sungnoi, W.; Sartorio, A. O.; Zeller, M.; Wei, A. A Zinc-responsive Fluorophore Based on 5’-(p-Hydroxyphenyl)pyridylthiazole. Mater. Chem. Front. 2020, 4, 899−904.

  17. Wang, J. X.; Thomas, M.; Lin, P.; Cheng, J.-X.; Matei, D. E.; Wei, A. siRNA Delivery Using Dithiocarbamate-Anchored Oligonucleotides on Gold Nanorods. Bioconjugate Chem. 2019, 30, 443–453.

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