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March 2019: Jennifer completes her seminar

March 2019: Vinny passes his preliminary exam

February 2019: Reena completes her seminar

December 2018: Monessha completes her seminar

November 2018: Michael joins the group

October 2018: Ryan passes his OP

June 2018: Neha passes her defense. Congrats, Dr. Agrawal!

April 2018: Vinny joins the group

April 2018: Samantha receives the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

February 2018: Samantha passes her OP

November 2017: Corey and Tad join the group

October 2017: Jean receives Herbert Newby McCoy Award

October 2017: Moises passes his OP

September 2017: Vallabh passes his OP

September 2017: Started our group news section of the website!