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November 2018

The group welcomes first-year graduate students Courtney Rupert, Solita Wilson, and Hugo Samayoa-Oviedo.

Julia and Jonas give invited talks at the 34th Waterloo Symposium on Chemical Physics, Waterloo, Canada

Hilary Brown gave a talk at the Merck-Purdue Analytical Symposium.

October 2018

Our NIH project has been funded as part of the HuBMAP Consortium!

Xiangtang Li, a new postdoctoral fellow, joins the group. Welcome, Xiangtang!

Julia gives an invited talk at Baylor University.


Our research at the interface of physical and analytical chemistry is focused on the advanced development of preparative and analytical mass spectrometry for applications in materials synthesis, imaging and chemical analysis of biological systems at a subcellular level, and environmental sciences.

Contact Us:

We are located on the 5th floor of the Brown Building
Department of Chemistry
Purdue University
560 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2084
Phone: (765) 494-5464
Email: jlaskin@purdue.edu

Recent Publications

Controlling the Activity and Stability of Electrochemical Interfaces Using Atom-by-Atom Metal Substitution of Redox Species

V. Prabhakaran, Z. Lang, A. Clotet, J. Poblet, G.E. Johnson, J. Laskin


From Isolated Ions to Multilayer Functional Materials Using Ion Soft-Landing

By J. Laskin, G.E. Johnson, J. Warneke, V. Prabhakaran


In Situ Infrared Spectroelectrochemistry for Understanding Structural Transformations of Precisely Defined Ions at Electrochemical Interfaces 

P. Su, V. Prabhakaran, G. E. Johnson, J. Laskin




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