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Industrial collaborations in the Simpson Group

NSF Center for Bioanalytic Metrology

The Simpson group is actively engaged with the Center for Bioanalytic Metrology, an NSF Industry/University Collaborative Research Center, with Prof. Simpson serving as the Purdue Site Director. The CBM supports pre-competitive research in chemical measurement science at Purdue, Notre Dame, and Indiana University, in which a consortium of 12-15 industrial partners provides the financial support for research. The CBM provides direct interaction-points between graduate students working on thesis-projects with collaborators in industry. More information on the CBM and the current project portfolio can be found at CBM website.

Merck/Purdue Center for Measurement Science

The Simpson group helped establish the Merck/Purdue Center for Measurement Science, which supports one-on-one collaborations between investigators from the two institutions. Establishing a formal partnership for project solicitation and review ensures an active and sustained project pipeline. The Merck/Purdue Center supports a steady-state of about eight active projects between Merck and Purdue investigators, each of which is designed to engage students in instrumentation development and measurement science research aligned with the broader interests of the industrial end-users.



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