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Area I. 3d Metal Alkynyls for Materials

The chemistry of 3d metal alkynyls supported by polyaza macrocyclic ligands was generally underdeveloped compared to those based on 4d / 5d metals with soft auxiliary ligands. Our recent efforts demonstrated that the trans-[M(cyclam)(C2R)2]+ type (cyclam = 1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane) compounds can be readily prepared from reactions between [M(cyclam)Cl2]+ and LiC2R for M = Cr(III), Fe(III), and Co(III). Furthermore, both the trans-[Co(cyclam)(C2R)Cl]+ and {trans-[Co(cyclam)Cl]2(m-(C≡C)n)}2+ type compounds can be prepared through a dehydrohalogenation reaction. The latter compounds provided a chance to assess the electronic coupling across oligoyn-diyls between two M(cyclam) units. Cr(III) centered phosphorescence has been studied for a number of Cr(cyclam') type complexes, where cyclam' represents C-substituted cyclam.

Figure 1

Most recently, the stepwise alkynylation at CoIII(cyclam) center enabled the preparation of the donor-bridge-acceptor (D-B-A) dyads, where the donor is aniline or related arylamine, and the acceptor is N-alkyl-1,8-naphthalimide (NAP). Currently, the evolution of NAP-based excited states in Co-based D-B-A and its modulation through the excitation of Co-bound C≡C bonds are being investigated.

Figure 2

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Recent Publications:

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