Laboratory for Materials Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis

Li Group 2018

June 2018: Our first paper on "Systematic Control of Redox Properties and Oxygen Reduction Reactivity through Colloidal Ligand-Exchange Deposition of Pd on Au" has been published in JACS. Congrats to Xiaoxi, Alex, and Xueyong!

January 2018: Congrats to Xiaoxi on getting a job at Global Foundries in New York. We'll miss you!

October 2017: Welcome to first-year students Vamakshi Yadav and Wei Hong.

September 2016: Congrats to Eve on passing her qualifying exam!

October 2016: We're excited for the three first-year students who have joined the group: Nicole Escorcia, Erika Meza, and Alex Shumski.

July/August 2016: The lab is (mostly) up and running. Welcome to our newest members: rotation student Nicole Escorcia, graduate student Eve Martinez, and postdoc Xiaoxi Huang.

April 2016: The Li Group website is live! We'll be starting at Purdue in July 2016, and we're looking to recruit graduate students to join the group!