Philip S. Low

Next Generation Targeted Therapeutics

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Philip S. Low
Department of Chemistry
Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery
720 Clinic Drive
Purdue University
West Lafayette IN 47907
Phone (765) 494-5273

Research Opportunities in the Low Lab

The Low Lab utilizes a wide range of interdisciplinary research techniques, including organic synthesis, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, whole animal studies, and human clinical trials. By employing such holistic approaches, we are able to develop new pharmaceuticals to treat a wide variety of diseases, including cancers, fibrotic diseases, blood diseases, bone fractures, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and more. If you are interested in joining the Low Lab as a graduate student or postdoc, please contact Dr. Low directly. Alternatively, if you wish to perform undergraduate research in the Low Lab, please apply by filling out the application form (Word) and emailing your response to the Low Lab Undergraduate Coordinator at Applications for undergraduate research will be reviewed by individual graduate students and post-docs, who will then contact the applicants directly via email to set up an interview. Thank you for your interest in the Low Lab.