The Ghosh Laboratory

Purdue University

Harnessing the Power of Organic Synthesis for Today's Medicine

Research in the Ghosh group focuses on using organic synthesis as a powerful tool to address today's medical problems. Our interests span across medicinal chemistry, total synthesis, and methods development, all with the ultimate goal to serve towards a biological problem. Located in the R. B. Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry, a National Historic Chemical Landmark, on the Purdue University campus, our group of graduate students and post-doctoral associates work together to solve complex chemical and biological problems.

FDA Approved Darunavir - Clinical Trials

FDA-approved Darunavir continues clinical success. Encouraging results stemming from GRL-8234 rescues cognitive decline in mice with Alzheimer's Disease.

Recent Publications

  • "Total syntheses of both enantiomers of amphirionin 4: A chemoenzymatic based strategy for functionalized tetrahydrofurans" A. K. Ghosh, P. R. Nyalapatla, Tetrahedron2017, ASAP.
  • "Benzimidazole-based FabI inhibitors: A promising novel scaffold for anti-staphylococcal drug" T. L. Mistry, L. Truong, A. K. Ghosh, M. E. Johnson, S. Mehboob, ACS Infectious Diseases20173, 54-61.

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