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Tian Research Group Department of Chemistry


09/2023 - Tian Lab welcomes undergraduate students Caitlin Birthright and Maggie Kim to our team!

06/2023 - The joint publication entitled "Enabling Charge Delocalization in Iron (III) Macrocyclic Complexes through Ring Unsaturation" has been published by Inorg. Chem. Applause to the team for their outstanding effort! Link

06/2023 - Andrew's noteworthy research paper, "The E2 Domain of Amyloid Precursor Protein Possesses Peroxynitrite Scavenging Activity," has received acceptance from Inorg. Chem. Kudos to him! Link

06/2023 - Andrew Poore won William F. Epple Teaching Award! Excellent work!

05/2023 - Andrew Poore won Ian P. Rothwell Outstanding Inorganic Literature Seminar! Well done, Andrew!

04/2023 - Undergraduate researcher Christian Denault (CJ) won Summer Research Fellowship. Well earned, CJ!

11/2022 - Tian Lab welcomes first-year graduate student Stephen Yachuw to our team!

09/2022 - Our collaboration paper on 'Actinide–Oxygen Multiple Bonds from Air: Synthesis and Characterization of a Thorium Oxo Supported by Redox-Active Ligands' has been published in JACS!

08/2022 - Tian lab welcomes undergrad student David Toba from the Universidad Nacional in Colombia to our team! David is supported by the Undergraduate Research Experience Purdue-Colombia (UREP-C) program.

08/2022 - Tian lab welcomes undergrad student Caslyn Whitesell to our team!

06/2022 - Congratulations to Peter Voss on receiving the research support from the Ross-Lynn Research Scholars Grant.

04/2022 - Undergraduate researcher Eli Zuercher won M. Isaks & Tanner Scholarship for Excellence in Chemistry and Summer Research Fellowship. Congratulations! 

01/2022 - Tian Lab welcomes undergrad students Christian Denault, Natasha Das, and Natalia Benesiewicz to our team!

11/2021 - Shimadzu LC-2050C equipped with PDA detector has been installed! Time to separate the enantiomers.


09/2021 - Tian Lab welcomes CHM19700 student Samuel Lechlitner to our team! Sam will work on metalloprotein engineering.

05/2021 - Tian Lab welcomes first-year graduate student Calvin to our team!

05/2021 - Tian Lab welcomes undergrad student Eli Zuercher to our team! Eli is the first undergrad working in our lab!

04/2021 - Shiliang's research paper on 'Stepwise nitrosylation of the nonheme iron site in an engineered azurin and a molecular basis for nitric oxide signaling mediated by nonheme iron proteins' has been published in Chemical Science! It has been selected for the "2021 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection".

04/2021 - JASCO J-1700 circular dichroism spectrometer has been installed! It enables us to obtain data at wavelengths up to 2500 nm without manually switching light sources and detectors.


03/2021 - All the first-year graduate students have successfully passed their cumulative exams required for the Ph.D. Congratulations!

02/2021 - SX20 stopped-flow system from Applied Photophysics has been installed!


11/2020 - Tian Lab welcomes three first-year graduate students Andrew, Khai, and Peter to our team!

09/2020 - We're recruiting! We have openings for two postdocs with research experiences in mechanistic studies of metalloproteins or enzymology, several graduate and undergraduate students interested in bioinorganic research.

09/2020 - Shiliang's research paper on 'Role of a Tyrosine Radical in Human Ceruloplasmin Catalysis' has been published in ACS Central Science! This work indicates the relationship between Fe dysregulation and ROS formation in neurons.

08/2020 - The Tian Lab starts at Purdue! 1600 sqft fully renovated research space! New instruments ordered. Happy unpacking!