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Tian Research Group Department of Chemistry


09/2022 - Our collaboration paper on 'Actinide–Oxygen Multiple Bonds from Air: Synthesis and Characterization of a Thorium Oxo Supported by Redox-Active Ligands' has been published in JACS!

08/2022 - Tian lab welcomes undergrad student David Toba from the Universidad Nacional in Colombia to our team! David is supported by the Undergraduate Research Experience Purdue-Colombia (UREP-C) program.

08/2022 - Tian lab welcomes undergrad student Caslyn Whitesell to our team!

06/2022 - Congratulations to Peter Voss on receiving the research support from the Ross-Lynn Research Scholars Grant.

04/2022 - Undergraduate researcher Eli Zuercher won M. Isaks & Tanner Scholarship for Excellence in Chemistry and Summer Research Fellowship. Congratulations! 

01/2022 - Tian lab welcomes undergrad students Christian Denault, Natasha Das, and Natalia Benesiewicz to our team!

11/2021 - Shimadzu LC-2050C equipped with PDA detector has been installed! Time to separate the enantiomers.


09/2021 - Tian lab welcomes CHM19700 student Samuel Lechlitner to our team! Sam will work on metalloprotein engineering.

05/2021 - Tian lab welcomes first-year graduate student Calvin to our team!

05/2021 - Tian lab welcomes undergrad student Eli Zuercher to our team! Eli is the first undergrad working in our lab!

04/2021 - Shiliang's research paper on 'Stepwise nitrosylation of the nonheme iron site in an engineered azurin and a molecular basis for nitric oxide signaling mediated by nonheme iron proteins' has been published in Chemical Science! It has been selected for the "2021 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection".

04/2021 - JASCO J-1700 circular dichroism spectrometer has been installed! It enables us to obtain data at wavelengths up to 2500 nm without manually switching light sources and detectors.


03/2021 - All the first-year graduate students have successfully passed their cumulative exams required for the Ph.D. Congratulations!

02/2021 - SX20 stopped-flow system from Applied Photophysics has been installed!


11/2020 - Tian lab welcomes three first-year graduate students Andrew, Khai, and Peter to our team!

09/2020 - We're recruiting! We have openings for two postdocs with research experiences in mechanistic studies of metalloproteins or enzymology, several graduate and undergraduate students interested in bioinorganic research.

09/2020 - Shiliang's research paper on 'Role of a Tyrosine Radical in Human Ceruloplasmin Catalysis' has been published in ACS Central Science! This work indicates the relationship between Fe dysregulation and ROS formation in neurons.

08/2020 - The Tian Lab starts at Purdue! 1600 sqft fully renovated research space! New instruments ordered. Happy unpacking!