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Full Funding & Benefits

Strong Financial Support

Beyond providing an excellent graduate education, we strive to ensure that our students thrive personally. Students in our Ph.D program with no external fellowship funding are guaranteed financial support through graduate assistantships for at least five years, so long as satisfactory progress is made toward their degree, while those with fellowships are provided appointments for the timeframe not covered by outside funding.
First-year Ph.D students admitted to our Ph.D. program can expect to receive an offer of financial support through a teaching assistantship with a generous monetary stipend, a full tuition waiver, and a waiver of most fees--a combined support package valued at nearly $70,000 per year. Exceptionally qualified candidates may receive additional financial awards with their offer of admission. 


In addition, Purdue covers 80% of the cost of a comprehensive health insurance plan for grads with graduate assistantships and fellowships. For additional information about the health, dental and vision insurance we offer our graduate staff, please visit the Graduate School's benefits page.

Graduate students living in the Greater Lafayette area also benefit from the area's highly reasonable cost of living, which is 10% below the national average. That low cost of living, in combination with our full funding package, can help graduate students focus on their academic pursuits rather than worry about finances.