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Chemistry Grad Admissions FAQs

When can I apply for Purdue Chemistry's Graduate Program?

The priority deadline for Fall 2025 PhD program admission is December 1st, 2024. Applications from exceptional candidates  received after this date may be considered so long as there are still openings available in the Fall 2025 class. Applications for spring and summer 2025 admissions or applications for an MS degree objective will not be considered except under extraordinary circumstances. All applications and application materials should be submitted through the Purdue University Graduate School's application portal; materials sent directly to the Chemistry Dept. or faculty will not be reviewed. Visit the Graduate School's How to Apply page for additional information on submitting an application. 

Do I qualify for an English proficiency waiver?

English waivers might be credited to those who received (within 36 months before admission) a baccalaureate degree or graduate or professional degree from a school where English is the primary language of instruction in a country where English is the native/official language. Please visit the Graduate School's English Proficiency Requirements Page for additional information about language requirements. Applicants who believe they fit the parameters for receiving a waiver must contact the Chemistry Department, to request that the waiver be applied to their application. The department will not automatically apply waivers without a request.

How can I get an application fee waiver?

Purdue's Graduate School provides application fee waivers to advance recognize outstanding undergraduate achievement and engage prospective students in recruitment events where Purdue is affiliated.

Applicants are eligible for one application fee waiver per program he/she has participated in.  Fee waivers are valid if the applicant has met the application fee waiver criteria starting on January 1, 2020 and beyond.

Graduate School applicants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents experiencing economic hardship may request a waiver of the application fee. To request a waiver of the application fee, please send an email explaining your situation to

Fee waivers are also available to participants who attend or are involved in certain programs; a list of those programs can be found on the Graduate School's Graduate School Application Fee Information page.

Please note that the Graduate School determines whether an application fee can be waived, rather than the Chemistry Department.

Do I need to have the support of a Purdue Chemistry advisor in order to apply?

No. Researching professors is always a good idea, but Purdue Chemistry does not match prospective students with advisors or require them to have a professor recommend them for the program. Students who are admitted to the program do not get matched with a professor until late fall of their first semester. Please do not reach out to professors to request information about availability within their group or to ask them questions about the application process. Please do not send faculty members your application documents via email--they will not be reviewed unless they are submitted through the Graduate School's application system.

How do I apply for financial support?

There is no need to apply for it. Students in our Ph.D program with no external fellowship funding are guaranteed financial support through graduate assistantships for at least five years, so long as satisfactory progress is made toward their degree, while those with fellowships are provided appointments for the timeframe not covered by outside funding. First-year Ph.D students admitted to our program can expect to receive an offer of financial support through a teaching assistantship with a generous monetary stipend, a full tuition waiver, and a waiver of most fees. A limited number of one or two year fellowships will be offered to new graduate students selected for Fall 2025 admission. We award these incoming fellowships based on the standard application; there is no need for an additional fellowship application.

Are GRE scores required?

GRE scores are not required and no documents should be mailed unless you receive a request. GRE scores are not considered during the evaluation process even if they are included in an application. 

I qualify for an English proficiency waiver, why is the English score still marked “Awaiting Materials” in my application?

Waivers are credited during the decision-admission process when the review committee looks at an applicant’s transcript(s). The English score section of the application will not automatically populate when you enter your university information. An application is included in the review, even though marked: Awaiting Material/English Scores.