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Glove Recycling Program


Writer(s): Steve Scherer

Purdue Chemistry is a leading university department recycler in Kimberly-Clark Professional’s RightCycle program. Chemistry Procurement Manager Suzy Gustafson was recently presented a 2015 Greenovation Champion Award by the company.

Since November 2014, the department has diverted 1,720 pounds of lab gloves from the landfill.

RightCycle is the first recycling program for non-hazardous Kimberly-Clark branded nitrile gloves and single-use apparel, where the company turns them into the raw materials used to create eco-friendly consumer products and durable goods.

A park bench made of recycled gloves was given to the department by Kimberly-Clark Representative Blake Ashley.

Purdue Director of University Sustainability Michael Gulich says he hopes to expand the program across the West Lafayette campus in the future.

More than one hundred universities and companies participate in the program.

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Gulich, Gustafson, Ashley 

Purdue Director of University Sustainability Michael Gulich, Chemistry Procurement Manager Suzy Gustafson, and Kimberly-Clark Representative Blake Ashley.

Recycled park bench 

Park bench made of recycled lab gloves.

Recycle award 

2015 Greenovation Champion Award presented to Chemistry Procurement Manager Suzy Gustafson.