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Intramural Champions


Writer(s): Steve Scherer

Several scientists in our department are outstanding athletes! From soccer to flag football, here are Chemistry's Fall 2017 Intramural Sports Champions:

Graduate Student Soccer Champions

Chemistry Soccer Champs

Front row: Matthew Therkelsen (PULSe), Mark Romanczyk (Kenttämaa), Kiran Iyer (Cooks), Joseph Bungard (Ghosh), Anthony Tomaine (Ghosh)

Back row: Edouard Niyonsaba (Kenttämaa), Chris Haskins (Wenthold), Elias Beretta (Hrycyna), Ezra Coughlin (Bart), Arthur Yu (Ouyang), Sean Fritz (Zwier), Jeremy Manheim (Kenttämaa), Christopher West (First-year), Lucas Szalwinski (First-year)

Not pictured: Caleb Tatebe (Bart)

Women's Soccer Champions

Chemistry Woman's Soccer Champs

Ashton Hjerstedt (Tasker Group) and Madeleine Scherer (Undergrad Prep Lab Student Worker) played on a team with a mix of engineers, education, human development, and computer science students. Ashton was captain/player and Maddie was a defender.

Graduate Student Flag Football Champions

Chemistry Football Champs

Front row: Jordan Snaider (Huang), Joshua Johnson (McLuckey), Joseph Bungard (Ghosh), Chris Haskins (Wenthold),

Back row: David Foreman (McLuckey), Joshua Born (Ghosh), Cameron Schwartz (Wirth), Jacob Norley (Tantama), John Lawler (McLuckey/Zwier), Ezra Coughlin (Bart), Daniel Hewitt (Zwier), Benjamin Wilkins (Michalski)

Not pictured: Caleb Tatebe (Bart), Anthony Tomaine (Ghosh), Jacob Werth (Uyeda)