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Lab Longevity for Alumnus


Writer(s): Steve Scherer


At age 85, Chemistry alumnus Donald C. Batesky (B.S. 1954) is an active research associate and lead author of a paper in the Journal of Organic Chemistry. He was recently featured in a University of Rochester press release (link below) that became very popular on Twitter.

“I received a terrific education at Purdue that has given me a great and continuing 64-year career as a working chemist,” Batesky noted.

He has many fond memories of faculty members Herschel Hunt, Melvin Guy Mellon, and William E. Truce; life on campus including parties at Hackers cabin; and weekend trips to Chicago.

“I got married going into my senior year and one week before graduation my daughter was born and thus she is a natural born Hoosier,” he added.