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College of Science Awards


Writer(s): Steve Scherer

College of Science Dean Patrick Wolfe and Chemistry Department Head  Christine Hrycyna presented Chemistry faculty and staff with 2018 College of Science Awards:

  • Mark Lipton - Undergraduate Advising Award 
  • Betty Hatfield - Graduate Student Mentoring Award 
  • George Bodner - Engagement Award 
  • Tim Zwier - Leadership Award 
  • Mike Everly - Leadership Award 
  • Ned Gangwer - Team Award 
  • Betty Dexter - Team Award 
  • Aaron Harkleroad - Team Award 
  • Steve Barker - Team Award 
  • Marybeth Miller - Professional Achievement Award 
  • Matthias Zeller - Professional Achievement Award
  • Ryan Hilger - Customer Service Award 
  • Susan Linn - Customer Service Award 
  • Jane Johanning - Customer Service Award 
  • Jeanne Meyer - Outstanding Service Award

College of Science awardees

(From L to R) Betty Hatfield, Ryan Hilger, Jane Johanning, Mike Everly, Ned Gangwer, Aaron Harkleroad, Mark Lipton, Susan Linn, Steve Barker, Marybeth Miller, Matthias Zeller, Jeanne Meyer, Tim Zwier, Betty Dexter, Chris Hrycyna, Patrick Wolfe