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Study abroad trip to Colombia


Writer(s): Steve Scherer, Adam Wasserman

Professor Adam Wasserman and Undergraduate Advisor Beatriz Cisneros recently led a dozen College of Science students on a course trip to Colombia.

Their summer travel was part of a Great Issues course titled “Science and Social Progress” where the students addressed how science can contribute to achieving the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals.

Colombian students from University of Los Andes, in Bogotá, participated in the discussions and eight prominent Colombian science advocates gave lectures and guided discussions.

The course took place in Bogotá and Villa de Leyva, where the group was greeted by the mayor.

Chemistry participants:  John Putziger, Shannon Ford (Chemistry majors) and Nicholas Branson, Madeline Cullison, Mariah Mahoney, Nicole Perry, and Zixuan Zhao (Biochemistry-Chemistry majors.)

Colombia Group Photo