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Kissinger awarded Wetherill Medal


Writer(s): Steve Scherer


Emeritus Professor Pete Kissinger was presented the Wetherill Medal in August 2019.

The award was established by the Department in 1990 to recognize outstanding efforts in service and outstanding teaching and scholarship by its members.

“In his years on the faculty since 1975, in addition to being an outstanding scholar, Dr. Kissinger was instrumental in helping others embark on commercialization efforts; served the department and college as an always outstanding Great Issues course instructor; and was a staunch supporter of many members of the department for both internal and external awards,” said Department Head and 150th Anniversary Professor Christine Hrycyna, who presented the award at a recent Merck-Purdue dinner.

“Pete’s tireless advocacy for his colleagues was a largely unseen task that truly contributed to the recognition of the department and the institution and inarguably embodies the spirit of this award,” added Hrycyna.

Wetherill Medal recipients include:

  • 2019    Pete Kissinger
  • 2013    Robert Wild
  • 2010    William Robinson
  • 2002    Richard Walton
  • 2000    Jonathan Amy
  • 1998    Henry Feuer
  • 1995    Jurgen Honig
  • 1992    Dale Margerum
  • 1990    Harry Morrison

Event photos by Fan Pu:

Wetherill medal

Dr. Hrycyna presents award to Dr. Kissinger

Dr. Kissinger remarks on award