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Purdue-led team wins international NIH award


Chopra, Gaurav3.jpg

A team led by Professor Gaurav Chopra (and includes Professor R. Graham Cooks) has won the National Institutes of Health NCATS ASPIRE Reduction-to-Practice Challenge grand prize.

The team’s Iterative Learning and Automated Modular Platform for Optimum Nonaddictive Analgesic Discovery was part of a world-wide competition lasting several years, where their AI/ML automation platform for drug discovery consistently performed #1 at multiple stages.

The team included:

Gaurav Chopra (Purdue University)
Ram Samudrala (State University of New York - SUNY)
R. Graham Cooks (Purdue University)
Connor W. Coley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Panayotis K. Thanos (University at Buffalo)
Jun-Xu Li (University at Buffalo)

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