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Dr. John Nash

Dr. John Nash

Dr. Nash teaches General Chemistry for chemistry majors and non-majors, along with selecting and designing accompanying laboratory experiments. Courses he has taught include:

  • Chemistry 11500 (General Chemistry I Science/Engineering Majors)
  • Chemistry 11600 (General Chemistry II: Science/Engineering Majors)
  • Chemistry 12300 (General Chemistry for Engineers I)
  • Chemistry 12500 (Introduction to Chemistry I: Chemistry Majors)
  • Chemistry 12600 (Introduction to Chemistry II: Chemistry Majors)
  • Chemistry 19400 (Freshman Chemistry Orientation)
  • Chemistry 25500 (Organic Chemistry)
  • Chemistry 25501 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory I)
  • Chemistry 25601 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory II)
  • Chemistry 25701 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory)

During his more than 25 years of teaching at Purdue, Dr. Nash has developed new teaching methodologies and laboratory experiments for General Chemistry courses; coordinated multiple lab courses; developed online learning modules and multimedia experiments; and consulted/reviewed several textbook publishers' projects.

His scientific research includes:

  1. Development of theoretical methodologies for predicting ground-state multiplicities, electronic state splittings and electron affinities of polyradicals.
  2. Development of theoretical methodologies for predicting structures, thermochemical properties and transition states for model compounds associated with fast pyrolysis of biomass (e.g., cellulose and lignin).


  • A.A., Grand Rapids Community College, English Literature, 1984
  • A.S., Grand Rapids Community College, Chemistry, 1985
  • B.S., Grand Valley State University, Chemistry, 1987
  • Ph.D., Purdue University, Organic Chemistry, 1991


  • Agriculture 2014 TEAM Award, 2014
  • Arthur E. Kelly Outstanding Teacher Award, 2010
  • Teaching Academy Associate Fellow, 2009
  • Arthur E. Kelly Outstanding Teacher Award, 2005
  • Top Ten Teachers Award, 2005
  • Top Ten Teachers Award, 2004
  • Top Ten Teachers Award, 2003
  • HORIZONS Faculty Mentoring Program, 2002
  • Honorary Member of Phi Eta Sigma, 2000
  • Top Ten Teachers Award, 1999
  • Arthur E. Kelly Outstanding Teacher Award, 1998
  • Outstanding Graduate, 1987
  • Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Award, 1986


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