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Agilent Cary 6000i UV-Vis-nIR Spectrophotometer

Download the user guide here

The Cary 6000i UV Vis-NIR spectrometer is a research grade instrument offering dual beam capabilities with high-wavelength accuracy. The instrument is controlled by Agilent’s WinUV software package.


  • Range: 175 to 1800 nm
  • Detectors: PMT for UV-Vis and PbS for NIR
  • Sources: deuterium lamp for UV and tungsten lamp for Vis-NIR
  • Multi-cell changer (up to 6 cuvettes in sample and reference beam) with temperature control
  • Standard single cuvette holder
  • Thin film holder for transmission experiments
  • DRA-1800 diffuse reflectance accessory with
    • Cuvette holder
    • Powder holder
    • Flat sample clamps

Users need to provide their own far UV quartz cuvettes with stopper or screw caps.

Hartmut Hedderich
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Cary 6000i UV-Vis-NIR