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Edinburgh Instruments FLS980 Fluorometer

**This instrument is available to researchers at Purdue only**


  • Fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra
  • Range: 200 nm to 2700 nm
  • Excitation source: xenon lamp 
  • Double grating excitation monochromator (Czerny Turner configuration)
  • Single grating emission monochromator (Czerny Turner configuration)
  • Single photon counting PMT and InGaAs detectors
  • Temperature controlled sample holder (-10°C to +80°C)
  • Solid sample holder
  • Integrating sphere for quantum yield measurements (on request only, requires matching pair of cuvettes with stopper)

Hartmut Hedderich
BRWN 4165B
560 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-6543

Fluorescence Spectrometer