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Registering for Classes

How to Register - Graduate Students

Schedule of Classes: Find Course Numbers and CRNs: 

Log in to myPurdue and click on "View the schedule of classes" to locate course numbers and CRNs. The Sr. Graduate Program Administrator will also provide PDFs with the seminar and research CRNs for each semester via email.
Selecting Your Courses: 
Students with assigned advisors: set up a meeting with your advisor/major professor to determine your course schedule. YOU and your major professor are responsible for following your Plan of Study. If you have a question about whether a course can be counted on your plan of study, please contact the Sr. Graduate Program Administrator, If you have finished your general coursework you will still register for research credits and seminar each semester, except in rare situations (see more on research and seminar credits below).
Newly enrolled students: On the first day of Fall Orientation, faculty members from each disciplinary research group will be there to provide course suggestions to students interested in their area of research. Since you will not have an advisor until November of your first semester, here are the typical patterns of course enrollment for student who are interest in:
Analytical Chemistry typically take CHM 62000 and CHM 62200. As a third course, students interested in Analytical may consider CHM 56000, CHM 58100, CHM 64400, CHM 67100, and CHM 69600B.
Biochemistry typically take CHM 63200 and CHM 63400. As a third course, students interested in Biochemistry may consider CHM 64800, CHM 69600B, and CHM 69600CI.
Inorganic Chemistry typically take CHM 64100, and one (or both) of CHM 64400 and CHM 64800. Other courses students interested in Inorganic Chemistry should consider include CHM 56000, CHM 65100, and CHM 69600B.
Materials Chemistry typically take CHM 56000. Depending on the particular areas of interest within the broad Materials field, students may consider CHM 63200, CHM 64400, CHM 67605, CHM 69600B, and CHM 69600I.
Organic Chemistry typically take CHM 56000 and CHM 65100. As a third course, students interested in Organic may consider CHM 63400, CHM 64100, CHM 69600D, and CHM 69600I.
Physical Chemistry typically take CHM 67100 and CHM 67605. As a third course, students interested in Physical may consider CHM 62000, CHM 62200, CHM 64400, CHM 69600B, CHM 69600I, and CHM 69600QIQC.
Remove Any Holds: 
Log in to myPurdue to remove holds. You can find additional information about common holds and how to take care of them here

PIN Number:

All Chemistry graduate students will use PIN Number 999999

Register via the Scheduling Assistant link in myPurdue: 

Most registrations do not require additional permission, with the exception of candidacy registrations (See the “General Registration Information” section below for additional information about candidacy registration). Requests for courses outside of Chemistry may need you to contact the instructor/departmental designee outside of the system. Here's a link to the Scheduling Assistant FAQ page.

Total Credits Needed Per Semester: 

If you are being funded by a research or teaching assistantship, you should be registered for at least 12 credits in the Spring and Fall. In the Summer, students typically register for 9 credits, however students holding internships, new students taking part in summer research opportunities or students transferring to Purdue should consult with Dr. Stephen Hoffmann to discuss how many credits of research they should register for,

Thesis Research- CHM 69900 & 69800:

If you are a PhD or MS thesis option student you are required to enroll in research (CHEM 69800 or CHEM 69900) every semester you are conducting research– even if you have met the minimum required credits for research. Deirdre Ryan will submit the list of instructors and their 69900/69800 CRNs at the beginning of each registration period. A permission will have been added to your account that will allow you to register for research credits without needing additional instructor approvals.
When you enter the CRN in Scheduling Assistant the system will default to 1 credit. You will be responsible for adjusting the credits to the desired number need to full the total credit requirement number for that semester (see point 6 for credits needed per semester). Here is a brief video on how to modify credits --

Final Check:  

Double-check your class list in myPurdue, under "Concise Student Schedule", once it is entered.

General Registration Information

  • PhD students should register for a seminar (CHM 69500) each semester. Students who are not presenting should register using the 0 credit CRN related to their disciplinary research group. Students who are presenting should register using the 1 credit CRN for their disciplinary research group.
  • The Sr. Graduate Program Administrator will pre-register all incoming Graduate students for CHM 59900 Teaching in Chemistry and CHM 60500 Safety in the Chemistry Lab for their first Fall semester.
  • Students wishing to graduate should not register themselves. The Sr. Graduate Program Administrator must register you for candidacy. Contact Deirdre Ryan,, and Jordan Harris,, if you wish to be added to the roster. Visit the Thesis and Defense page to learn more about candidacy types and requirements for candidacy. Exam-only candidates do not register for CHM 69900.
  • Students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they are properly registered each semester.
  • Students who miss registration deadlines may be subject to a $200 fine assessed by the Bursar’s Office.