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Committees within GSAB

Graduate Student Recruitment

Purpose: This committee serves to aid the Department in recruiting new prospective graduate students through recruitment events such as the Big Ten+ Grad Expo and The Purdue Chemistry Graduate Student Symposium.

Chair: Lawal Ogunfowora ( & Steven Sharpe (

Mental Health Awareness


  1. To increase awareness of mental health issues in the department,
  2. to improve student-faculty interaction,
  3. maintain a culture of good mental health, and
  4. improve the transparency of the department with regards to mental health issues.

Chair: Tanya Sharma (


PurposeThe purpose of the GSAB Committee on Outreach is to find and provide opportunities for graduate students in the Chemistry Department to participate in outreach events within the Greater Lafayette community. Volunteering in the community serves as a resume booster for students and provides an outlet to de-stress as well as a sense of purpose outside of research and teaching responsibilities.

Chair: Amala Phadkule (

Professional Development

Professional Development Resources and Website

Purpose: The GSAB Committee on Professional Development exists to provide opportunities for professional development to graduate students of the Chemistry Department at Purdue University. This is accomplished by hosting seminars, panel discussions, workshops, and informal events.

Chair:  Galina Grechishnikova (

Social Planning

PurposeThe Committee on Social Planning is tasked with organizing and holding social events for the Graduate Student Community of the Chemistry Department at Purdue University in order to provide a forum for socialization and friendship within the Department.

Chair: Temitope Oropo (

Departmental Survey

Purpose: This Committee was formed for the express purpose of creating, maintaining, and analyzing surveys that can be used to evaluate various aspects of the Graduate Student Program.

The results of the Spring 2022 survey are available here.